The Latest Updates of the Company’s Software Solutions.

iPro Marketplace — Version 1.3.3
Wednesday, 5 April 2017
  • The error of iPro Marketplace cyclical update has been fixed;
  • The height of the components displayed at the bottom of workspace has been optimized, these components will be displayed by default with the minimum height;
  • The re-authorization when selecting or changing the trading account in the status bar has been fixed.

The calculation of the “Balance in pips” value, which is displayed in the status bar, has been fixed for iPA-Manager accounts. The actual calculation algorithm is described below:

  1. The balance in pips is common to all active currency pairs. Its value is calculated on the basis of 4 trading weeks (or the last 100 trades, if more than 100 trades have been executed for the period of 4 trading weeks). The number of trades is calculated involving transactions executed on all active currency pairs without involving canceled pending orders.
  2. During the fifth trading week, the obtained pips are added to the previously calculated value of the balance in pips.
  3. The balance in pips is recalculated at the end of every fifth trading week, and the value calculated according to the rule described in paragraph 1 is obtained.
  • When working with “New Order” window the errors in setting Stop Loss and Take Profit values in the price format have been fixed. 
“Indicators” component:
  • For Time Series Forecast indicator the duplication of the last value at the end of a trading week has been fixed;
  • The improvements related to the accuracy of the “Levels” and “Scale” parameters have been made.
“Chart” component:
  • For “Horizontal line” tool the functioning of the “Price” parameter has been optimized;
  • The functioning of graphical analysis tools when applying them in the chart and changing the position has been improved;
  • The improvements facilitating the correct display of quotes in the chart when changing an instrument and switching a trading account have been made.

“iPA trade quality” component:
  • The process of recalculating the values of indices when changing parameters of statements (periods and currency pairs) displaying has been optimized.

“Code editor” component:
  • The function for requesting the server time “protected DateTime Time { get { return DataProvider.TimeProvider.GetClientTime(); }}” has been improved. When receiving the time value, it is given in UTC.
  • The algorithm to apply a set of parameters to the tested strategy has been improved: when starting the testing again, a strategy is launched with the last applied set;
  • The construction of Support & Resistance indicators and Fisher Transform Oscillator when starting their testing has been fixed;
  • The platform functioning while starting the testing of a strategy together with Time Series Forecast indicator has been stabilized.

“Browser” component:
  • The display of “Custom Strategies” subtitle has been removed, in case there are no available strategies.
iPro Marketplace – Version 1.3.2
Thursday, 16 February 2017
  • A number of critical tasks responsible for the interaction of the platform with the server have been solved;
  • An informational graphic splash screen that displays the bootup process before the login form appears has been added;
  • The platform functioning while selecting or changing a trading account has been stabilized;
  • The problem arising while opening orders with zero price has been fixed;
  • The problems arising while adjusting Stop Loss and Take Profit levels have been fixed.

“Instant Execution” component:
  • The display of lot value while changing an account type has been fixed.
“Indicators” component:
  • The functioning of the “Scale” parameter has been updated. The display of an indicator changes while modifying Time Frame value;
  • The issues with the display of several indicators plotted to the chart in one window have been fixed.
“Chart” component:
  • The error arising while displaying the chart with a shorter Time Frame period has been fixed;
  • The error arising while displaying the chart with quotes after exiting the sleep mode has been fixed.

“Code editor” component:
  • The method responsible for modification of Stop Loss and Take Profit levels has been updated. From now on, upon modifying their values, a new price is calculated based on the current price value instead of the opening price value.
  • The process of testing and delivering results with and without visualization has been optimized: the difference in results has been minimized;
  • The improvements related to the display of custom indicators while changing the test parameters have been made;
  • The correct platform functioning while testing custom indicators containing properties of graphical tools has been restored;
  • The stable iPro Marketplace functioning while starting the testing of a strategy with a custom indicator has been restored;
  • The processing of Stop Loss and Take Profit level changes while testing has been adjusted, the modified values are calculated based on the current price;
  • The problems arising upon calculating the Balance in pips during the testing process in the iPA-Manager account have been fixed;
  • The error in the platform functioning upon adding new sets of parameters to the testing process has been fixed;
  • The problem with the platform functioning while starting the testing of a strategy with Time Series Forecast indicator on Time Frame М1, М5, М15 has been fixed.
“T: Balance Chart” component:
  • The visual display of the balance chart during testing has been fixed.
  • The function of saving comments to transactions while downloading reports has been improved.

“Browser” component:
  • The visual display of the launched strategy, in case no Internet connection is available, has been improved;
  • Critical errors that occurred when deleting a custom strategy have been fixed;
  • A sound notification while deleting a strategy has been added.
“Log” component:
  • The messages related to the launch and resumption of a strategy have been updated.
iPro Marketplace – Version 1.3.1
Friday, 23 December 2016
  • The platform functioning while changing an account and switching of Time Frame value has been optimized;
  • The process of downloading order history while authorizing or changing an account has been optimized and accelerated;
  • The memory leak while coming out of sleep mode and in case of interrupted communication with the server has been fixed. After restoring the connection with the server, the application automatically restores the connection and component operation;
  • Display of orders with zero open price and display of closed trades have been fixed.

“Indicators” Component:
  • The error arising while saving settings for the indicators added to the “Favorite” option has been fixed;
  • The errors arising while working with the zoom of indicators have been fixed;
  • The construction of Sample Alligator, Ichimoku, Stohastic Oscillator and Pivot indicators has been updated.
“Chart” Component:
  • The loading speed of chart and the chart display for the large values of Time Frame have been optimized;
  • The graphic component, which is responsible for displaying positions with no connection to the server, has been updated.

  • The following functions have been added:
  • — "Save as". This function allows you to download a file with a strategy (indicator) code to the specified folder on the user’s computer.
  • — "Upload". This function allows you to load the files with strategy (indicator) codes to iPro Marketplace. iPro Marketplace supports uploading files only with extension .cs (C# (.net) files).
  • The process of strategy sending to the “ATS Management” section has been optimized and the bug with copying strategies sent to this section has been fixed;
  • Display of open trades while testing strategies in “Trade” component of the “Market Analysis” section has been fixed;
  • "Т: Parameters" component has been updated. After completing the test, the strategy (indicator) parameters will be available for editing.
  • The visual display of section components has been updated.

  • The display of the “Start/Stop” button for the suspended strategy has been fixed. You can resume a suspended strategy only after it has been stopped completely.
iPro Marketplace – Version 1.3.0
Saturday, 19 November 2016

Version 1.3.0 includes the following improvements in the current sections of iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform:

  • Due to the implementation of our information and reference website iPro Marketplace info that contains information on how to work with the trading and analytical platform, the program allows you to view the reference information on the active section using the “?” button on the control panel or F1 key.
“Trade” component:
  • The algorithm to close positions quickly has been improved in the “Trade” component. The ability to re-click the “Close the position” button before you receive a response from the server has been eliminated.
“Indicators” component:
  • The errors in the construction of Time Series Forecast indicator have been fixed;
  • The selection window of Moving Average indicator location has been deleted for Aroon, Average Directional Movement, Bollinger Bands, Gator Oscillator indicators — it is immediately displayed in the chart;
  • The display of Moving Average indicator has been fixed for the following indicators: Accelerator Oscillator, Aroon Oscillator, Awesome Oscillator, Fisher Transform Oscillator, Market Facilitation Index, Volumes;
  • The zoom functionality of indicators that are installed in a separate section has been added. The tab “Scale” where you can set minimum and maximum values has been added to the parameters of these indicators.
“Chart” component:
  • Work with graphical analysis tools while being plotted in the chart has been optimized;
  • The visual display of Bid/Ask lines in the chart has been improved;
  • The display of the selected style of iPro Marketplace when saving the picture has been fixed.
  • Now, you can modify the price specified in the pending order holding down the Ctrl key and moving the appropriate line in the chart.
    You can set and move SL and TP for the pending order (as well as for the immediate execution order) holding down the left mouse button.
    Holding down the Alt key and moving the line with the price value specified in the pending order you can change the value of the price as well as SL and TP levels set to it.
  • The calculation of the “Duration of the series” index has been fixed. It is calculated by the formula: Closing date of the last series transaction – Opening date of the 1st series transaction (for transactions with positive and negative profit).
For iPA-Manager accounts

The “iPA trade quality” indicator that is displayed in the “Trading Statement” section and provides information on the key indices of the trading style in the iPA-Manager account has been introduced. Based on these indices, a user can predict whether he moves in the right direction or he should review his approach to trading.
The indicator consists of three indices:

  1. “Trade profitability”: an optimal gain on a trading instrument should constitute 2/3 of the recommended Stop Loss value. The higher level this index has, the more trading strategy complies with trading principles of iPA technology standards.
  2. “Holding time of transactions”: less than five hours – the high level, from five to ten hours – the average level, more than ten hours – the low level.
  3. “Trade intensity”: more than one transaction per 24-hour period – the high level, one transaction per 24-hour period – the average level, less than one transaction per 24-hour period – the low level.

The current release version includes four new sections: “Strategy Development”, “ATS Management”, “Strategy Tester” and “Test Reports”. The “Strategy Tester” and “Test Reports” are additional sections to “Strategy Development” and will be displayed only if the “Strategy Development” section is activated in the settings of iPro Marketplace.

This news provides concise information on how new sections and components of iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform function and operate.

  • A new “Strategy Development” section is designed to create your own automated trading strategies (ATS) and technical indicators on the basis of C# programming language;
  • This section combines “Browser”, “Code editor”, “Log” components and the toolbar, which contains all elements you need to operate with a program code.
“Browser” component:
  • The lists of custom and standard trading strategies/indicators have been provided. Basic software is supplied with iPro Marketplace and is an example of software algorithms;
  • The ability to select the appropriate program for operation is now available, and using the “Copy” and “Delete” buttons you can make a copy of the selected program or delete the custom program.
“Code editor” component:
  • The ability to edit the code of strategy/indicator that allows you to work simultaneously with 32 open tabs has been introduced.
“Errors” component:
  • “Errors” component is designed to display errors that have been detected in the process of code compilation.

Tools on the panel of the “Strategy Development” section are designed to work with the code of strategy/indicator and to send the created strategy/indicator to the “Strategy Tester” section:

  • The “Plugins and components” (PC) button — to enable/disable plugins and components available in this section;
  • The “Create” button — to create new strategies/indicators that are added to the list of custom strategies/indicators;
  • The “Save” button — to save changes in the code of the strategy/indicator;
  • The “Cut” button — to cut the selected fragment of code in the work area “Code editor”;
  • The “Copy” button — to copy the selected fragment of code in the work area “Code editor” to the clipboard;
  • The “Paste” button — to paste the copied fragment of code from the clipboard into the work area “Code editor”;
  • The “Undo” button — a step back in the work area “Code editor”;
  • The “Redo” button — a step forward in the work area “Code editor”;
  • The “Select all” button — to select the whole code in the work area “Code editor”;
  • The “Search” button — to search by code in the work area “Code editor”;
  • The “Replace” button — to replace the text of the code in the work area “Code editor”;
  • The “Compile” button — to run the process of code compilation in the work area “Code editor”;
  • The “Test” button — to send the selected strategy/indicator to the “Strategy Tester” section.

This section is designed on the basis of special mathematical algorithms and allows you to assess the functioning of ATS and indicators.

The main functions of the section:

  • Launch and stop testing the selected strategy/indicator;
  • Set parameters of the selected testing strategy/indicator.

Additional features when working in the section:

  • Create orders manually on the tested data;
  • Create/delete sets of parameters for the tested strategy.

The “Strategy Tester” section consists of the toolbar and seven components you need to test and optimize strategies and indicators after they have been created in the “Strategy Development” section. The letter “T” indicates all components of this section so that you can easily distinguish them from the similar components of other sections in iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform.

“Browser” component:

The component contains lists of custom and standard strategies/indicators. Basic are supplied with iPro Marketplace and can be used for further trading on the market. The custom lists contain strategies and indicators, which have been created in the “Strategy Development” section. You can select a strategy or an indicator from the list and add it to the “Chart” component for testing. There are three ways to do it:

  • — click on the button next to the name of the strategy;
  • — double-click on the strategy from the list;
  • — drag and drop it to the chart holding the cursor.
“Parameters” component:

Strategies and indicators have certain parameters, which were laid down in them while developing. You can change their values in this component as well as save their combinations creating new sets. To do this, click the “Create a set of parameters” button, enter its name and description. A new set will appear in the block “Sets of Parameters”. To delete a set, select it in the list and click the button “Delete”. The “Apply a set of parameters” button will allow you to test your strategy or indicator with the selected set of values.

“Chart” component:

The main work area contains tabs with charts and strategies added for testing. The progress bar displays the progress of testing at the bottom of the chart. To the left of the progress bar, the start date of the test period selected in the “Strategy Tester” section of the toolbar is displayed, to the right – the end date of the test period.

You can delete a strategy or an indicator from the “Chart” component by clicking the “Close” button in the tab title. You can delete it through the “Browser” component as well. To do this, for example, you should select from the list a trading strategy, which is located on the highlighted tab, and double-click it or click on the button next to its name. Wherein, the tab that hosted the strategy remains active, and you can move the other trading strategy to it for testing.

“Balance Chart” component:

In the “Balance chart”, you can see the change in the trading account during testing, and when you click the “Volumes” button, you can see relative volumes of executed trades.

“Trade” component:

The “Trade” component displays all open positions and pending orders at the time of testing as well as information on the size of funds in the account, the margin level and the total amount of current profit. During testing, you can manually modify an open position by double-clicking it in the table, or open a new one, clicking the “Order” button on the toolbar. Thus, the testing will be suspended. Please note that you choose the currency pair and the type of position to open before the test starts.


The toolbar allows you to customize the chart display, test parameters and carry out graphic and technical analysis of the test data.

Working with setting elements of chart display and carrying out graphical and technical analysis of the test data is similar to the “Market Analysis” section.

You can customize the test parameters using the following elements:

  • The “Select time frame” button is used to select a period for which the effectiveness of trading strategy or an indicator will be tested. Please note that a wider time frame will require more time on conducting the process of price modeling and testing performance.
  • The “Select a symbol” button is used to select a currency pair. You can select a currency pair using control elements at the bottom of chart.
  • You can select a Time Frame value using appropriate buttons.
  • The “Type of modeling” button. One of the important parameters of testing is the type of historical data modeling. If data are correctly selected, the results of the strategy operation will be similar to those, which it will show when trading in the real-time mode. For a quick assessment, you should select the “At price opening” type, which is suitable for strategies that operate on the bars that formed. In this case, the historical data of the open prices of the selected time frame for which the bar or candle is built are important signals to open or close positions for the strategy. When selecting the type of modeling “Control points” the testing is made on the historical data of open and close prices as well as maximum and minimum, which the price has reached that is best suited for fast assessment or optimization of strategies trading within the bar. The ticks are generated within this type of modelling as follows: M5→M1, M10→M1, M15 (20, 30)→M5, H1→M15, H2(3)→M30, H4(6)→H1, H8→H2, H12→H3, D1→H6, W1→D1, MN→W1.
    The type “Each tick” is the most accurate variant of modeling, since within this method, in addition to basic values of prices, each tick is modelled inside the bar or candle.
  • The “Spread” button. The value of spread, which you can set from the range of 0 to 1,000 in the “Fixed spread” field influences the accuracy of the test results. Thus, the iPro Marketplace has introduced the ability to apply dynamic spread that allows increasing the accuracy when assessing the strategy profitability in terms of market volatility.
  • The “Type of position” field. You can select the types of positions that will be opened by the strategy during the test from the list provided. Regardless the algorithm of the strategy, it will open only selected positions: buy or sell, only buy or only sell.
  • The “Initial balance” field. The initial value of the balance can be set from the range of 100 to 1,00,000 in the base account currency.
  • Checkbox “Visualization”. If the visualization is switched on, you can observe the test progress in the chart and in the components displayed below. If the visualization is switched off, you can observe the test progress on the indicator below the chart. After the testing is completed, you can see the chart of quotes movement: as well as analyze the results obtained.
  • The “Testing speed” field is designed to change the testing speed. The range of speed values: from 1 to 1,024, with step = 32.
  • The “Start testing” button. After clicking the “Start testing” button or the “Space” key on the keyboard, the process of price modelling for the selected period with set parameters will start. At the end of modelling process, the testing will start.
  • The “Pause” button. Using the “Pause” button, you can change the parameters values of strategy or an indicator.
  • The “Stop the process of testing” button will help to complete the work of strategy or indicator before the specified date and view the results obtained.

Having tested a trading strategy or an indicator, you should move it to the other section to apply it in the real time mode. To do this, you should use a special button on the toolbar. The strategies will be sent to the “ATS Management” section and indicators — to the “Market Analysis” section. Please note that you can send only custom indicators, as the standard indicators are initially available in this section. It is worth noting that the strategies are sent with all sets of parameters that have been created in the course of testing.

Completing work in iPro Marketplace, please make sure that you have saved a set of parameters created while testing the trading strategy or an indicator. Also, when closing the trading and analytical platform the data will be deleted in the “Chart”, “Balance Chart”, “Trade”, “Order History” and “Log” components.


This section is designed to view trading statements received during ATS testing in the “Strategy Tester” section.

The main functions of the section:

  • View statistical and analytical information received during testing of the selected ATS in the “Strategy Tester” section;
  • View profitability charts and changes in the trading account balance received during testing of the selected ATS in the “Strategy Tester” section.

The “Trading Statement” section allows you to save a test report in the formats: HTML, PDF.

To view a test report, you should select the appropriate name of the tested ATS on the toolbar of this section.


This section is designed to launch ATS for automated trading.

The main functions of the section:

  • Start and stop the selected ATS;
  • Suspend/resume all running ATS;
  • Set parameters for the selected ATS (required to launch ATS).

Additional features when working with the section:

  • Make a copy of the selected ATS;
  • Delete the selected ATS from the “ATS Management” section.

The “ATS Management” allows you to create orders manually as well.

The “ATS Management” section consists of the “Browser”, “ATS Parameters”, “Chart”, “Market Overview”, “Indicators” and the toolbar where the functions to manage trading strategies have been implemented in the real-time mode. “Trade”, “Order History” and “Log” components are available in this section.

“Browser” component:

The “Browser” component contains lists of standard and custom strategies, which have been created and optimized using the tools of the trading and analytical platform.

Using the appropriate button in the “Browser” component, you can suspend the operation of all strategies. Thus, new trades will not be opened by strategies, and those that have been opened will go under manual control. Re-clicking this button will resume operation of the strategies and orders that have been set by the strategies before pausing and are in the market will be again controlled by those trading strategies that have created them. Please note, this button only suspends strategies and does not allow you to rewrite them from the “Strategy Tester” section.

Having selected the strategy in the “Browser” component and having clicked the “Copy a strategy” button, you will create a copy, which can be used with another set of parameters into operation. You can create a copy of the strategy by adding already applied strategy to the quote chart of the other currency pair as well.

The “Delete” button in the “Browser” component is active for the strategies that have not been added to any of the chart tabs. Please note that when deleting the original, all copies will also be deleted, no matter whether they are in operation or not.

“ATS Parameters” component:

Trading strategies are sent to the “ATS Management” section with all sets of parameters created during the testing procedure. The “ATS Parameters” component allows you to apply any parameter by clicking the appropriate button or by clicking twice on the set line. Also you can set new values using which the strategy will be launched into operation.
Please note that to save a new set of values or delete the previous one, you should modify the settings in the “Strategy Tester” section and resend the strategy to the “ATS Management” section. You can re-write a trading strategy only if it has not been put into operation.

“Chart” component:

Before launching a trading strategy into operation, you should add it to the “Chart” component. You can do it in three ways from the “Browser” component:

  • — drag the strategy from the chart component holding the cursor;
  • — click on the button next to its name;
  • — double click on the line in the list.

You can change a currency pair for which the quotes chart is plotted selecting it on the toolbar, dragging onto the tab of the active chart from the “Market Overview” component or using the “Replace chart” button.

“Indicators” component:

The “Indicators” component is available in this section, which allows you to use all advantages of technical analysis with automated trading. In a special block of the component, you can see indicators, which have been attached to the strategy during its development. To stop these indicators, you should make the appropriate changes to the strategy code in the “Strategy Development” section and replace the trading strategy in the “ATS Management” section by pre-testing it. Also, the indicators attached to the strategy of the “Indicators” component are displayed in this block. You can stop these indicators by:

  • — double clicking;
  • — using the “Stop” button.

Work with elements of chart display settings and conducting graphical and technical analysis is similar to the “Market Analysis” section.

“Start” button:

To launch a trading strategy into operation, you should click the “Start” button on the toolbar. You can view opening and closing positions by the strategy in the “Trade” and “Order History” components — the “Comment” field will display the name of the strategy, which has made a specific transaction. The “Log” component will allow you to view the history of all events happening in the trading account.

“Stop” button:

In order to re-write the running strategy or switch Time Frame where it works, you should stop it completely using the “Stop” button on the toolbar. In this case, all transactions opened by this strategy will remain in the market and their modification or closure should be carried out manually.

It is important to know that when the trading and analytical platform closes or the trading account is changed, strategies stop working completely. Thereafter, you should resume their work manually. Strategies stop working as well if there is no Internet connection, but in this case, they resume their work automatically.


The next update will provide new features:

  1. Make copies of iPro Marketplace. This function will allow you to make universal copies of iPro Marketplace work area and, consequently, to work with several accounts simultaneously, which will enable to conduct more active and versatile trading in the financial market.
  2. Сall the context menu. For each component of iPro Marketplace, the ability to control through the context menu call will be introduced.
  3. Optimize the download process of order history with large volume of history.
  4. Upgrade and improve new sections of iPro Marketplace.

The specialists of our Company have made every effort to update iPro Marketplace version 1.3.0. for it to be convenient and effective in use and meet the basic principles of usability. Working in this version our Customers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the automated trading. We are open to your comments and suggestions – it allows us to make our platform even more useful and productive.

iPro Marketplace – Version 1.2.7
Monday, 28 December 2015
  • iPro Marketplace cache memory that facilitates the functioning of trading and analytical platform during the update process has been improved;
  • “Market Analysis” and “Trading Statement” sections have been optimized and a number of errors related to their functioning has been fixed;
  • An option to set Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters at a new position opening has been added. The parameters can be set in “New Order” window specifying a price value or pips;
  • For your convenience to browse information, the width of columns in “Trade”, “Order History” and “Log” components has been modified;
  • An option to display/hide columns “Pips”, “Commission”, “Swap” in “Trade” component has been added;
  • The style of the connection level indicator has been upgraded into White Style color scheme;
  • Errors on the trading platform localization in a closing tab window of components have been fixed.
For iPAMM-Manager Accounts
  • Due to a forthcoming possibility to invest funds using iPAMM technology, the commission has been added when you open an order in an iPAMM-Manager account. The value of the commission is given in pips and is displayed in trading conditions;
    In “Detailed Trade History” report, given in the Company’s website, a field has been added stating the amount of commission per trade in pips for an iPAMM-Manager account;
  • To correctly calculate the moment of entering the market by an iPAMM-Manager and to decrease the possibility of loss more than a defined level, the dynamic calculation of a Stop Loss order has been made;
    The maximum allowable value of Stop Loss level will be displayed in a window of order setting;
    On the toolbar of “Market Analysis” section the menu item “iPAMM Stop Loss” has been added to the button “Show trade positions on chart” selecting which the maximum allowable value of Stop Loss will be displayed in the chart;
  • The message on the market closing on Friday for iPAMM-Manager accounts has been added.

  • To draw easily graphical analysis tools we have added the function of their automatic attachment to the price;
  • The tooltips popping up while selecting Time Frame have been added;
  • An error of wrong candle display during set up of iPro Marketplace color scheme has been fixed.
“Chart” component:
  • A function displaying open positions in the chart has been improved;
  • A function of automatic deselection of elements after copying has been added.
“Indicators” component:
  • The errors in the construction of indicators have been fixed;
  • Moving Average indicator has been added to the list of indicators;
  • The errors in the construction of Time Series Forecast have been fixed;
  • The errors arising during indicators adding to “Favorite” option have been fixed.

  • A function to print statements without Internet connection has been added;
  • Display of dashes in tables (instead of empty cells) has been added while waiting for data loading in the “Trading Statement” section;
  • The “Largest deal” parameter shown in percentage terms has been changed from integer to decimal in a trading statement (pdf, HTML).