Mission and Corporate Values.

The UBK Markets mission involves the development of innovative technologies and standards of work in the global financial markets.

We truly believe that our ability to work in the financial markets using our own high-tech closed-circuit solutions is our strongest competitive advantage. We consider that our main objective is the introduction of conceptually new, risk-free principles of capital management.

Our fundamental values have always been and remain:
Responsibility. We are responsible for our own success and success of our Customers. The Company always justifies the trust given to it by fulfilling all undertaken obligations.

Transparency. This quality describes not only our attitude towards the Customers, but also the general philosophy within our team. The UBK Markets fundamental rule is openness in relations with Customers and Partners. The Customers’ confidence is the highest value for us.

Technological Superiority. We constantly strive for continuous progress by developing new technological solutions and improving existing ones taking into account our Customers’ and Partners' individual needs and desires.

Our power lies in our team of professionals. Knowledge, potential, energy and creativity of each person make our team strong and unique.

We often say that our Partners are our greatest asset, and we have good reasons to say that!