General Rules.

We have formulated the rules of iPA trading which allow our Customers
to achieve the best results in capital management
using the full potential of financial markets.

Rules on How We Create Long List of iPA-Managers

Analysing the trading activity of iPA-Managers, we take into account a large number of factors, and evaluate each of them, making the overall total estimate of trading activity based on Traderank and Yield indices. This estimate determines positions of iPA-Managers in the Long List.

Long List displays those iPA-Managers whose trading activity has brought profit resulted from copying of created orders to iPA-Investor accounts. These results are shown in the positive yield index.

The statistical Traderank index also influences the formation of Long List. The higher value it has, the more accurately a Manager complies with the rules and principles of iPA trading standards. You can find more information on the trade quality of each iPA-Manager in My Account (in “iPA-Managers” section, on the “Select an iPA-Manager” page).

Our system automatically generates and updates Long List of iPA-Managers in the real-time mode.

The Customers who have opened an iPA-Manager account are included in the Long List only after they make 15 trades on one financial instrument.

Long List suggests ranking the trading performance of iPA-Managers on financial instruments in an iPA-Manager account using both original strategy (Original accounts) and applying intelligent processing algorithms of iPA technology (Processed accounts). It means that you can show excellent trading results in the Processed account holding a high position in the Long List but still have poor trading results in the Original account. We will record your successful trading on each financial instrument of an iPA-Manager account separately using both original strategy and applying algorithms of iPA technology. Based on the data of statistical analysis at least 30% of Original accounts with low or negative income and which comply with the iPA trading principles, can be considered as qualitative (profitable) Processed accounts.

Rules on How We Distribute Compensation of iPA-Managers

We distribute compensation among iPA-Managers according to their trading performance weekly.

An iPA-Manager’s compensation depends directly on the profit received from copying of his/her trading orders to the iPA-Investor accounts. The higher position an iPA-Manager has in the Long List, the higher iPA-Investors’ confidence is. More funds under management mean higher compensation.

Recommendations for iPA-Managers

We have made a series of simple recommendations on enhancing the overall trading effectiveness, following which you can significantly increase your total profit:

  • Consistency and predictability of trade. Your trading should be predictable and consistence. It means that you should not make trades randomly. Try to be consistent and systematic while making trading decisions. Random trading will lead to the lowering of Traderank value. We do not restrict iPA-Managers in a number of trades, however within 4 trading weeks you should make at least 15 trades. Otherwise, you will be excluded from the Long List of iPA-Managers until you resume your trading activity.
  • Trading with a dynamic calculation of Stop Loss parameter. With introduction of the system-defined Stop Loss, the trading signal previously made by an iPA-Manager will require some adjustments. For this purpose, the Company has adopted three recommendations to simplify the risk management:
a) Try to avoid the price fall/rise towards a Stop Loss level set by a system. Otherwise, your Traderank will be lowered.
b) When you close unprofitable positions without using a Stop Loss set by iPA system, the Traderank index increases, in case the profit is seen as positive by a balance value.
c) When you close unprofitable positions without using a Stop Loss set by iPA-system, the Traderank index does not change, in case the profit is seen as negative by a balance value.
  • No trade series. The opening of two trades on one currency pair in one direction leads to the Traderank reduction. Certainly, you can increase the profit by creating the second order before the closure of the first one, which will attract iPA-Investors aimed at getting a high profit. However, the system will consider it as an additional risk.
  • Ratio of profitability to the holding time of a trading position in the market. According to this rule, you should earn more pips in less time. You should handle the lifetime of trade in order to close it with maximum profit. In such a way your Traderank will increase.
  • No trades copying of other iPA-Managers. If an iPA-system identifies that you copy trades in your trading account, it will correspondingly reduce your Traderank index value.

General recommendation. The system closes automatically all open orders of iPA-Managers at the end of each trading week, on Friday, at 17:00 UTC. Please try to close orders on your own on Friday before 17:00 UTC, as in this case our algorithms will determine your trading decisions as consistent. Planning your actions always influences positively the evaluation of your trading strategy by the system that increases the Traderank value.