Scientific approach — best solutions.

How iPA Works.
Taking a classical model of the capital management as the basis, we have added a number of innovations that have helped us to create a technology, which uses the potential of financial markets at most.
Alexander KudCEO & Owner
David ShermanovSales Manager
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Use conceptually new opportunities.
Our Customers have an opportunity to use trading platforms, which ideally combine high-level modern technical standard requirements and the Company’s innovative solutions.
Advantages of ECN Trading.
The accessibility of an ECN system has enabled individual traders with a small amount of capital to become part of the financial market.
Trading Conditions.
We provide our Customers with services to execute trades in the financial market.
Deposit and Withdrawal
We have made every effort to enable you to deposit and withdraw funds easily.
Liquidity Providers.
UBK Markets provides the immediate acceptance and execution of Customers’ trading orders. We work only with the best liquidity providers.