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Best Portfolio Manager— Successful iPA-Investor
Monday, 16 January 2017

Today, on January 16, 2017 UBK Markets Contest started at 00:00:01. The Company holds the Contest for iPA-Investors in order to provide the best Portfolio holders with a gift, which they can choose themselves — iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy 7 or Lenovo Yoga.

Please note that an iPA-Investor acquires the status of Portfolio Manager after the publication of his/her Portfolio and becomes a full participant in the Contest. We inform you that the publication of Portfolios will be available from January 28, 2017, but even today, each iPA-Investor has an opportunity to meet one of the main conditions of the Contest — receive and multiply his/her profit. It means that right now you can select the most effective strategies of iPA-Managers and include them in your Portfolio so that the most profitable Portfolios will hold high positions they deserve since the beginning of publication.

We remind you that the contenders for victory in UBK Markets Contest are those Portfolios that will have the highest results recorded according to the Contest terms.

We are looking forward to our winners. Each of the best Portfolio Managers will be able to choose his/her multi-purpose tool to work anywhere in the world. We wish all Contest participants only highly profitable Portfolios!

New Year 2017 — New Opportunities
Friday, 30 December 2016

Happy New Year! Dear Customers and Partners, New Year holidays are approaching and we would like to wish you right solutions at right time, new successful achievements, stable and high profit on the financial market!

At the end of 2016, we would like to note that this year has been particularly productive and even record in terms of overall renewal of the system, creating products and launching new information and reference iPro Marketplace info and UBK Markets info services. It is the year when the Company has initiated and implemented a really progressive transformation of the official UBK Markets website, improved a business model as well as existing products and services, including iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform.

As always, all our innovations and developments have been aimed and will be aimed in future at providing our Partners and Customers with financial services of the highest quality to increase their own profit using our innovative products.

A special Contest, held by UBK Markets Company, starts on January 16, 2017 almost simultaneously with a launch of new product “Portfolios” and a type of activity “Portfolio Manager”. The participants of the Contest can win valuable gifts. We have prepared 10 prizes for those Portfolio Managers who will demonstrate the best results. Thus, each participant of the Contest can get the most up-to-date tool from the Company for his/her work. Please note that you can choose yourself your gift!

Contest terms
Changing the Principle of Ranking Trading Strategies in the Long List of iPA-Managers
Monday, 26 December 2016

We would like to inform that the specialists of our Company have conducted research and analyzed the results of system operation. This research determined the necessity to reconsider the principles of ranking in the Long List of iPA-Managers. Previously, trading strategies of iPA-Managers were published in descending order of “Yield” indicator. As our research and practice have shown, in addition to yield, the quality of its obtaining has the crucial importance as well, i.e. its stability. Therefore, the Long List is sorted considering the quality of profit obtained and the volume of income received.

Since December 24, 2016, the principle of ranking trading results in the Long List is based on descending order of the ratio of profit stability to the total yield.

Modifying the construction principles of the Long List will allow:

  • iPA-Investors to see in the first positions those iPA-Managers who show not only profitable trading but the quality of the profit received as well, i.e. trading stability. This will allow iPA-Investors to increase their capital more confidently.
  • iPA-Managers to hold leading positions provided that the balance line on his/her account grows steadily regardless the volume of profit obtained.

Thus, the Company continues its research, and in the near future we are going to make updates aimed to search for the optimal model to work with iPA-Managers’ trading results.

System Update — Scheduled Improvement of UBK Markets Services
Saturday, 17 December 2016

Based on the analysis of the results we have obtained with respect to the global transformations of products and services made by UBK Markets and considering many comments and suggestions received by the Company in which you share the newly acquired experience with us, we have made a scheduled system update.

Today, we have added new functional features to the Company’s services, making the existing ones more user-friendly:

  • Trading conditions for the Live Classic account have been changed. Now the minimum deposit constitutes 25 USD.
  • OKPAY electronic payment system has become available for you. Usage of this system allows you from now on to work with such systems as QIWI, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money and many others. You can find more detailed information regarding this payment system on its official website.
  • Your Portfolio management has become more visually clear.
  • The information on the last five transactions of each iPA-Manager displayed in the parameter “Browse statistics” will help you to select among our many iPA-Managers a specialist whose trading strategy complies with your principles of profit obtaining. The improved navigation in the Long List will allow you to choose the iPA-Manager quickly and correctly.
  • Now it is even easier to navigate through “My Account” section. We have created the menu of your UBK Markets account by adding your iPA-Manager photo display and specifying your name.

We would like to announce the following updates that we have planned for the nearest future:

  • The Long List of iPA-Managers will be sorted in an ascending order considering the profit and stability of executing trades, which, in its turn, will allow moving reliable iPA-Managers to the top positions.
  • An Investor will be able to search/select iPA-Managers applying various filters and sorting positions in the Long List.
  • An Investor will be able to make a list of his/her favorite iPA-Managers.
  • An Investor will be able to select how the Portfolio trading results are displayed — “Income in USD” or “Yield in %”.

We are confident that improvement of the system will help our Customers in their work and all our next updates will be aimed, as before, exclusively at the maximum comfortable use of our services and at assistance in achieving good results.

Launch of Processed Accounts — Confident Step to Success
Sunday, 27 November 2016

We have activated the Processed account for the iPA-Managers who are currently generating trading signals only in the Original account (it is a type of iPA-Manager account with the appropriate trading orders). From now on trading results of the Processed account will be also displayed in the Long List. As the intelligent processing algorithms will be applied to trading signals to increase the yield level and reduce risks, trading results in the Original and Processed accounts may differ significantly. The statistical studies we have conducted show that at least 30% of accounts using original trading strategy of an iPA-Manager with a negative or low income can become profitable Processed accounts, in case an iPA-Manager follows iPA technology trading rules established by the Company and described in the articles. Links to these articles you can find below.

An iPA-Manager may focus on values of “iPA trade quality” indicator available in the updated iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform (version 1.3.0) to make sure that he/she has selected the right trading strategy or to adjust his/her approach to trading.

Please note that the weekly compensation of an iPA-Manager constitutes part of the profit received after executing trades on the basis of his/her trading orders. Following trading rules of iPA technology each Manager can improve his/her trade quality, and consequently, use an opportunity to increase his/her income.

Introducing a new innovative product, we expect that the whole community of our successful Managers will highly assess its usefulness and will confirm it in practice. We believe that iPA technology will make it possible for each Customer to multiply his/her income in accordance with his/her competence that will inspire UBK Markets to create new products in the financial area.

More detailed information on how to improve your trading results in the Processed accounts, and consequently, increase profit you can find in the articles below: