Company News.

Functioning of UBK Markets Services Has Been Restored
Friday, 5 January 2018

We would like to inform you that today, on January 5, 2018, from 12:00 to 19:15 (UTC) it was temporarily impossible to execute trades and use UBK Markets services due to technical problems related to the transmission of incorrect quotes by one of the Company's counterparties. Our specialists have taken all necessary measures to fix the problems in the shortest possible time. Currently, the functioning of all Company's services has been resumed in full. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Holiday trading hours: December 25, 2017 – January 2, 2018
Monday, 25 December 2017

During the Christmas and New Year holiday period from December 25, 2017 to January 2, 2018 financial market will be open according to the following trading schedule:

December 25 — market is closed;

December 26 — market opens at 09:00 according to UTC;

December 29 — market closes at 18:00 according to UTC;

January 1 — market is closed;

January 2 — market opens at 09:00 according to UTC.

Please note that the low market liquidity and high volatility during the Christmas and New Year holiday period may result in changes to the trading conditions such as wider spreads, order processing delays, and increased margin requirements.

Scheduled System Update for Successful Work of Our Customers
Saturday, 25 November 2017

UBK Markets Company continues to work on improving the provided products and services. This is fuelled by our desire to ensure the best quality services for our Customers. Today, we inform you about innovations that will help iPA-Investors to conduct their activities more effectively and to receive stable income.

In addition to the existing profit chart (in deposit currency), the block containing the parameters of the iPA-Investor account on the “My iPA-Managers” page of the “iPA-Managers” section now also displays the chart of dynamics of the iPA-Manager’s trade profitability (in pips), even when the copying of signals (Sell and Buy) is stopped.

From now on, you can select the most convenient chart display for the iPA-Investor account:

  • profit chart in deposit currency (which was displayed previously);
  • chart of dynamics of the iPA-Manager’s trade profitability (the display has been added).

Thus, the updated tool of the iPA-Investor will allow monitoring the results of a Manager’s activity regardless of whether the copying of his/her trading signals has been stopped or resumed.

With the help of the updated tool, it has also become easier and more convenient to make decisions whether or not to resume the copying of trading signals as well as to assess the balance line trend of each iPA-Investor account. It means that, focusing on this value, you can adjust your own strategy for managing the iPA-Investor account in a timely manner and receive higher profit.

In addition, the current update includes the following:

  1. In the iPA-Investor’s account statement, new message codes have been added, which register when the copying of trading signals is stopped or resumed. These messages in the generated report will be as follows:
    • Message code: 1012. Copying of Sell/Buy trading signals has been stopped.
    • Message code: 1011. Copying of Sell/Buy trading signals has been resumed.
  2. Changes have been made to the trading conditions for the iPA-Investor account. In order to reduce possible risks and to distribute volumes among counterparties, the margin amount has been increased from 200,000 to 500,000 units of base currency in the formula for calculating the leverage for the iPA-Investor account.
  3. From now on, when resuming the copying of a Manager’s trading signals in your iPA-Investor account, the amount of funds necessary to copy the next trading position will be verified.
  4. If you have selected the “Copy later” function when opening a new iPA-Investor account, all trading signals in the created account will be stopped until you resume copying.
  5. If the amount of funds in an iPA-Investor account is not sufficient, the copying of trading signals in this account will be stopped automatically.

We are confident that the updated tools will help iPA-Investors to make informed decisions and will allow them to effectively realize their financial interests.

You can get detailed information on how to use the profit chart as an additional tool for increasing your capital in the following article:

Change in the Conditions for Obtaining the iPA-Manager Status and Activating Trading Instruments
Monday, 9 October 2017

Providing reliable and beneficial conditions of cooperation has always been and remains the priority of UBK Markets activity. That is why our specialists regularly conduct quality monitoring aimed at increasing the efficiency of the Customers and Partners’ work with the Company’s products and services.

During such research, we have obtained the results based on which we improved the current conditions for obtaining the iPA-Manager status, as well as the mechanism for activating trading instruments. In this regard, we suspend the paid activation of trading instruments on the iPA-Manager account and introduce the Practice Test, which allows the Customers to obtain the iPA-Manager status (we would like to remind you that previously executing trades on an iPA-Manager account with additional currency pairs was available after paying a 350 USD fee).

The Practice Test is a set of special rules and conditions a Customer has to fulfill in order to conduct an iPA-Manager’s trading activity and to activate each trading instrument. Fulfilling the conditions of the Practice Test will allow our Customers to assert their trading skills while trading on the financial market and to improve their existing skills in order to achieve success; in turn, the Company will be able to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation.

To activate each trading instrument or, initially, to obtain the iPA-Manager status, you should fulfill the following conditions:

  • execute at least 75 trades in the Classic Live account using the selected trading instrument; at least 55 of those trades or more should be profitable (optimal profit value: from 100 to 150 pips for each trade);
  • total amount of executed trades in the Live account using the selected trading instrument should be at least 5 lots;
  • total amount of price change based on the trades executed in the Live account should be at least 8,000 pips on each trading instrument in each direction, regardless of their profit or loss ratio.

These conditions come into effect on 14.10.2017. Please note that the Customers who have already opened an iPA-Manager account and activated required trading instruments before the date of launching the Practice Test, do not have to complete the Practice Test, and they can conduct their trading activity on the basis of the previously obtained status.

We are confident that these changes will allow iPA-Managers to significantly increase the profitability of trading strategies, which will help attract even more attention of iPA-Investors and will have a positive impact on the overall remuneration. Quality trading signals will also be used by the system in a new Company’s product — Portfolios, access to which Customers will get very soon. This will allow iPA-Managers to receive additional income based on trading signals copied to the Portfolios.

As before, all the innovations initiated by the Company are determined by our aspiration to improve provided products and services for the successful work of our Customers.

You can get more information on how to use the innovations mentioned above in the following articles:

Implementation of New Investment Products — Main Priority of UBK Markets Company
Saturday, 2 September 2017

UBK Markets Company announces the launch of new investment products — Dealer’s and Algorithmic Portfolios. Very soon, our Customers will be able to use all the advantages of portfolio investment for realizing their financial interests. Considering the global nature of these innovations and the technical resources spent on implementation of new functional components, we have conducted a planned update aimed at the systematization of future processes. In this regard, we inform you about the following structural changes in the official Company website:

  1. The “Trading” section is now completely devoted to trading: an opportunity to open Live trading accounts and an iPA-Manager account, as well as the information about their current status is provided therein. The tools for selecting an iPA-Manager and for managing a Manager’s Portfolio have been moved to a new “iPA-Managers” section, and the Long List of Managers’ Portfolios has been moved to a new “Portfolios” section.
  2. The “Portfolios” section has been created, where Portfolios of Managers are now compiled. Soon, this section will allow you to invest in Algorithmic Portfolios (formed from the iPA-Managers’ Processed accounts) and Dealer’s Portfolio (formed from the iPA-Managers’ Original accounts). Based on Portfolios’ results, those iPA-Managers, whose trading signals have been selected and copied to the Portfolio, will manage to receive a decent compensation, while the iPA-Investors — a stable income.
  3. The “iPA-Managers” section has been created. Information about iPA-Investor’s accounts is displayed on the “My Accounts” page (previously — “Trading. Trading Accounts”); information on the selected iPA-Managers and an opportunity to publish a generated Portfolio are provided on the “Select an iPA-Manager” page (previously – “Trading. Trading Accounts”) and the Long List of iPA-Managers, which helps to select the most stable trading strategy, is available on the “Select an iPA-Manager” page (previously — “Trading. Select an iPA-Manager”).
  4. The “My Profile” and “iBroker” sections have been moved to the Customer’s menu in the “My Account” section.

We also would like to inform you about the improvements made to the following Company services:

  • From now on, each transaction is highlighted in the chart in the account statements. This will allow Customers to identify the dynamics of balance and profit change more accurately and quickly.
  • Easy-to-use option for selecting all trading strategies of one Manager has been added to the Long List. It is enough just to select any trading strategy and to click on an iPA-Manager’s nickname in the block header of the detailed information about this iPA-Manager — the Long List will be automatically filtered displaying only trading strategies of the selected Manager.

Now, when the website structure has been optimized considering the upcoming integration of new functionality, we are glad to inform you about the changes and updates planned for the near future:

  • Publication of trading results of Dealer’s and Algorithmic Portfolios for information purposes.
  • Cancellation of the paid activation of an iPA-Manager’s additional financial instrument. You will be able to get access to trading any currency pair after fulfilling the Practice Test conditions.
  • Adding new functionality of iPA-Investor accounts, which will enable visual monitoring of the dynamic of an iPA-Manager’s trade profitability after ceasing the copying of trading signals. This will help iPA-Investors to make timely decisions in regard to resuming the copying of trading signals.
  • Updating a design concept of the “Customer Support” section and adding new tools designed to create your own message topics.

We are confident that these innovations will increase the convenience and efficiency of using products and services, and most importantly, help you to achieve desired results and financial stability.