Company News.

The First Results of UBK Markets Contest
Tuesday, 4 April 2017

It is more than 2 months since we have launched the Contest. However, already now we can estimate the great potential of the "Portfolio Manager" business direction. As of today, we can highlight the maximum yield, which was recorded during the working life of the Portfolios - 101%. We are absolutely sure that our Portfolio Managers will continue to demonstrate even more effective results and the best of them will fairly occupy high positions.

We remind you that under the terms of the Contest 10 best Portfolio winners will be selected based on the final index of the achieved results calculated for each published Portfolio.

The formula for calculating the index:   R = 0.7D + 0.3P

where D — yield (in %) over the last 30 trading days; P — positive profit (in money) of the published Portfolio received since the beginning of the Contest; 0.7(D) and 0.3(P) — weighting coefficients determined empirically and by using expert evaluation methods.

We would like to provide you with 10 Portfolios, which currently hold leading positions:

best 10
  • ForexLive
  • Classical
  • kz003
  • olga64
  • Madi
  • Method
  • IncomeProfit
  • InvestLux
  • modi_1
  • Radim

Please note that the Contest continues. It means that every iPA-Investor can become a successful Portfolio Manager by publishing his/her Portfolio in the Long List.

Become a Portfolio Manager, participate in the Contest and join the leaders right now.

Changes in Trading Conditions
Tuesday, 28 March 2017

We would like to inform you that according to the directive (Circular C168 of November 30, 2016) of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), it is necessary to make changes in trading conditions provided by Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) for customers to execute trades in the financial market on their own.

Our Company is required to make changes in trading conditions of Live accounts according to the current standards and requirements. As provided by the above regulatory requirements, the leverage should be established by default without exceeding the level of 1:50 for these types of accounts considering the current trading conditions.

On the basis of the updates mentioned above, we have decided to make changes in trading conditions for iPA-Investor account as well, that will allow us to bring trading conditions to a common standard concerning the use of leverage. From now on, the leverage will be 1:50 for iPA-Investor accounts with the volume of funds up to 10,000 USD on the balance (previously — 1:100 for accounts from 20 to 100 USD; 1:20 for accounts from 100 to 10,000 USD).

Please note that due to the changes in trading conditions for iPA-Investor accounts, the yield, published in the Long List of iPA-Managers, will be recalculated from the leverage of 1:20 to the leverage of 1:50 that will cause the increase in the published yield. This will allow an iPA-Investor to assess the effectiveness of iPA-Managers’ trading strategies according to the new trading conditions.

Scheduled System Update and Changes in UBK Markets Customer Service
Saturday, 4 March 2017

We would like to inform you about changes related to the Company services. These improvements will allow our Partners and Customers to conduct their successful activity using the following innovations in the most efficient way:

  • Funds transfer through a voucher. The option to transfer funds from the Master account in “My Account” section to the Customer’s account of UBK Markets Belize Ltd through a voucher has been added.
  • The total Traderank index has been introduced. The Traderank value allows an iPA-Investor to assess how consistent, predictable and sequential an iPA-Manager’s trading is. From now on, the total Traderank value (average on all active trading instruments) is calculated for each iPA-Manager and is applied to both Original and Processed accounts. Thus, higher Traderank value shows how stable trading strategy an iPA-Manager has as a whole (on all trading instruments). It means that the accounts with the high Traderank value will deserve an iPA-Investors’ confidence.
  • The procedure for calculating “Income in USD” and “Yield in %” for Portfolios has been improved. From now on, the values of these parameters became more exact regarding the balance line that helps to assess the received profit of each Portfolio more quickly.

We would like to inform you that the service of internal funds transfer between Master accounts of Customers in their “My Account” sections will be temporarily suspended from March 11, 2017 under the directive (Circular CI144-20102-09, file E.K.6.1.14) of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The directive is intended to establish and follow the procedure for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. When providing the internal payment service, all the companies with the status of Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) are obliged to take the steps below, which significantly complicate electronic support and maintenance of this service as a whole:

  • Customers (initiator and recipient of the funds transfer) are required to fill in the established application form of the order and the receipt of the funds transfer between accounts, sign it personally and send its scanned copy to the company.
  • Before performing the funds transfer, a company’s responsible person has to confirm the order and the receipt of the funds transfer by telephone or in any other way.
  • A compliance officer responsible for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing is obliged to authenticate the signatures on the application form, record the reasons and confirm that the purposes of the funds transfer are legal.

As the internal funds transfer between Master accounts of Customers in their “My Account” sections has been significantly complicated due to the CySEC procedures for the CIF, this service is suspended and remains as it is today. Upon adjusting the Company’s business processes and ensuring the compliance of the service provided with all terms of the above mentioned directive, the service will be restored for the convenient work of our Partners and Customers.

You can get additional information on how the total Traderank index is calculated and how its value influences an iPA-Investor’s choice in the following article:

UBK Markets Company Adds Tools for Sorting and Filtering the Long List of iPA-Managers
Saturday, 11 February 2017

We update constantly our services and products to provide Partners and Customers with the best conditions for their work. As you know, wishes and suggestions of our Customers are considered to be valid grounds for the UBK Markets scheduled updates. Today, the Company’s services and products have the following functionalities:

  • Tools for sorting and filtering the Long List of iPA-Managers have been added. It means that from now on, an iPA-Investor at his/her sole discretion can find the most effective trading strategies more quickly and thereby build profitable Portfolios.
  • Portfolio trading results are given in money (profit obtained). From now on, trading results represented in the Long List of Portfolios are given in money that will influence positively the degree of confidence in each Portfolio and allow an iPA-Investor to select the Portfolio based on real profit.
  • The “Accounting” section of your UBK Markets account has been modified. From now on, it is titled “Finances”, and the “Deposit” page has become a separate section of your UBK Markets account titled “Add Funds”.
  • Sending a payment receipt through ECommPay. After a successful replenishment of the Master account in “My Account” section, an email with the payment receipt in PDF format is automatically sent to a Customer.

We are confident that tools for sorting and filtering the Long List of iPA-Managers will help an iPA-Investor to make the most accurate choice of trading strategies in order to build the most profitable Portfolios.

You can get detailed information on how to set and use added filters and sort iPA-Managers in the Long List to make right decisions by reading the following articles:

System Update of the Company’s Products and Services
Saturday, 4 February 2017

As we announced in previous news, we will make the scheduled updates to improve the Company’s products and services based on the results collected and the feedbacks received from our Customers and Partners.

Today we inform our Customers that our specialists have carried out works to increase quality and stability of the servers operation. In its turn, it allowed us to increase the response accuracy of pending orders and the speed of generating account statements of all account types. It is also important to note that we have achieved the stable work of our Customers with the iPA-Investor account, and incorrect display of information in the Portfolio Long List has been fixed. Moreover, tools for sorting and filtering in the Long List of iPA-Managers, as previously announced, will be available for full use on February 11, 2017.

We also would like to announce that in the nearest future trading results (profit obtained) of each Portfolio will not be displayed in pips, as it is now, but will be displayed in money. This feature will allow iPA-Investors to view real profit and the amount of funds, which the Portfolio Manager manages while selecting the Portfolio to copy his/her trading signals, i.e. it will influence positively the degree of confidence in each Portfolio.

As before, we improve our services and provide our Customers and Partners with the most favorable and profitable conditions to work comfortably and achieve high trading results.