Long List of iPA-Managers. Yield for 30 days.

Active iPA-Managers: 0

Active iPA-Managers are listed in this section. By default, information on iPA-Managers is given in descending order of the ratio between the yield and its stability.

* Traderank is a statistical index characterizing trading activity of an iPA-Manager. The higher value this index shows the more stable and more profitable the iPA-Manager’s trading strategy is.

* Yield is an index displaying the total profit of all iPA-Manager’s trading operations for the specified period. This index is published in the Long List of iPA-Managers. Yield of each trade executed on the basis of an iPA-Manager’s trading signals is calculated relative to a notional amount of 1,000 USD deducting compensation.

* Yield of an iPA-Manager depends on the leverage that is defined according to trading conditions for an iPA-Investor account into which an iPA-Manager’s trading signals are copied.

* Original trading orders are original trading orders of an iPA-Manager executed without additional processing by iPA technology algorithms.

* Processed trading orders are trading orders of an iPA-Manager executed applying special intelligent processing algorithms of iPA technology.