Generation Company.

UBK Markets Company is a world-class broker providing services in the global financial market.

UBK Markets is one of the leaders in delivering high-end brokerage services
based on the most advanced technologies.

The UBK Markets brand was established in 2011 and registered as a trademark by Simcord in a range of countries to provide brokerage services in the global financial markets. Simcord is a company specializing in development of software, intelligent and analytical products for the financial and investment sectors.

UBK Markets uses its own unique solutions based on the software developed by Simcord. As a foundation of the provision of high-quality brokerage services, we consider iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform, which includes a number of innovations secured with worldwide patents in the field of capital management and analysis of financial markets.

To carry out trading operations, UBK Markets uses the standard of ECN (Electronic Communication Network), an electronic system intended for executing orders to buy and sell assets in the financial market. This makes it possible for its Customers to get the best trading conditions, with low commissions and best prices. A significant advantage of the ECN standard is its ability to use the entire liquidity of system’s participants. Due to the ongoing network expansion of the liquidity providers, which already includes the world’s largest financial industry members, UBK Markets continues to improve trading conditions and the quality of services provided.

The UBK Markets priority is to guarantee transparency and continual improvement of the management standards and business operations in the financial services industry. With the most effective methods of management, UBK Markets increases its popularity both among professionals and people who just begin to find out about the possibilities in the financial markets.