FAQs. Quick Answers.
This page contains the most commonly asked questions of our Customers that we receive when they contact the Customer Support. We have tried to give the most detailed explanations that will help you easily understand core features of our work.

Questions regarding iPA technology

1. What are the advantages of iPA system over other methods of capital management existing today?

Taking a classical model of capital management as the basis, we have added a number of innovations that allowed us to create iPA system, which uses the opportunities of the financial markets at most.

First of all, we changed our attitude towards Managers. We wanted to create an environment for fair and healthy competition, where any UBK Markets Customer would be able to apply his/her trading skills in the financial markets and receive decent compensation at the same time. As a result, we have developed the concept of iPA-Manager – the concept of the next generation trader, whose income depends only on his/her own skills and ambitions. You do not have to risk your own funds or feel lack of interest from investors as the iPA-Manager account is non-nominal. From now on, your positive trading results determine everything: holding high positions in our Long List of iPA-Managers, you can attract unlimited number of iPA-Investors that in its turn allows you to obtain a potentially unlimited compensation.

Your iPA-Manager’s weekly income is generated as a part of profit received as a result of transmitting your trading signals to an account of iPA-Investor, who has selected your trading strategy. Consequently, the more funds you manage, the higher your financial result is.

However, the key element of iPA system includes special mathematical algorithms that are used to analyse trading signals generated by iPA-Managers. Our iPA technology automatically analyses and, if it is necessary, modifies trading orders which are executed applying intelligent processing algorithms of iPA-Managers’ trading signals among which the algorithms of risk management are basic ones (Processed account) that influences positively the risk reduction and yield increase. According to statistics, at least 30% of accounts with low or negative profit can be considered as qualitative (profitable) when being processed by special algorithms and if iPA-Managers follow iPA trading rules available on the official Company website.

Thus, having combined the precise mechanism of trading orders analysis and ideal conditions for trading, we have created innovative iPA technology of capital management – a key component of iPA system, which efficiency has no analogues in the world.

2. What are the criteria to assess iPA-Manager’s trading activity that determine a position of iPA-Managers in the Long List?

The iPA system has been developed based on high standards of the stability and profitability of its implementation in the financial markets. Taking into account that these features of iPA system significantly depend on trading signals generated by iPA-Managers, we have formed a large and comprehensive set of criteria to evaluate the overall trading activity of each trader. According to this evaluation, we determine the publication of iPA-Managers’ positions in the Long List.

Traderank and Yield indices (quality of trading orders) determine the publication of iPA-Managers’ positions in the long List. The Yield value displays a total profit as a result of copying iPA-Manager’s trading signals for a definite period. The Traderank index is complex and includes plenty of various parameters, ranging from frequency of trades executed by an iPA-Manager to the most frequently used types of orders.

Certainly, your Traderank index is calculated by complex mathematical formulas, taking into account a large number of things. However, we would like to underline several personal characteristics that explicitly will help you to improve your Traderank:

  1. Consistency in making trading decisions.
  2. Predictable behaviour.
  3. Responsible attitude to work.
  4. Purposefulness.
3. Can a trader have more than one iPA-Manager account?

The policy of our Company foresees a healthy competitive environment among iPA-Managers. We want each iPA-Manager to have an opportunity to demonstrate his/her trading skills on the financial markets and to take part in a compensation distribution. Therefore, to avoid situations when our weekly compensation is distributed only among some traders, who have several iPA-Manager accounts at the same time, we have decided that one trader can open only one iPA-Manager account.

4. How to become an iPA-Manager?

To start your own career as an iPA-Manager with UBK Markets Company, you should make the following steps:

  • download iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform from our website;
  • complete a quick registration of your UBK Markets account;
  • create an iPA-Manager account.
5. What does an iPA-Manager non-nominal account mean?

The features of an iPA-Manager non-nominal account are as follows:

  • No capital requirements are set. When executing trades in an iPA-Manager account, iPA-Managers do not use their own funds.
  • No margin requirements are set while performing trading operations in an iPA-Manager account, i.e. no deposit is required to execute trades with financial instruments.
  • No financial obligations arise when trading in an iPA-Manager account.
6. How to improve an iPA-Manager’s trade quality?

We have formulated general rules on how to improve trade quality. Following them, an iPA-Manager not only increases his/her Yield and Traderank indices that will influence positively his/her positions in the Long List and attract iPA-Investors’ attention, but also improves the overall financial result, consequently, increasing his/her compensation:

  1. Trading should be consistent and predictable.
  2. Calculate holding time of a trading position in the market in such a way that you will earn more pips in less time.
  3. Do not copy trading strategies of other Managers.
  4. No trade series.
  5. iPA-Managers should close orders before the end of trading session (on Friday before 17.00 UTC).
  6. Close orders in time with optimal profit and avoid the price fall/rise towards a Stop Loss level set by the system automatically.

The rules should be considered as recommendations, but following them, an iPA-Manager can develop or adjust his/her strategy in such a way to be able to increase significantly the compensation amount.

An iPA-Manager can focus on the “iPA trade quality” indicator in iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform to estimate whether a selected trading strategy is correct or not and adjust it according to the current market trend and his/her trading results.

7. How to activate additional trading instruments for the iPA-Manager account?

All trading instruments stipulated by trading conditions are available for trading in the iPA-Manager account. However, once the iPA-Manager account has been created, only one financial instrument is activated automatically and free of charge from the list of available instruments. An iPA-Manager can activate and pay for additional trading instruments at any time. To do this, log in to your UBK Markets account, go to the “Trading Accounts” page in the “Trading” section and pay for activation.

You can find a step-by-step instruction on how to activate and pay for additional trading instruments in the article “How to Activate Additional Trading Instruments for the iPA-Manager Account” on the UBK Markets info website.

8. Can an iPA-Manager execute trades in a Live account as well?

An iPA-Manager status does not restrict Customers’ trading activity in any way. iPA-Managers may continue trading in any other types of accounts provided by UBK Markets.

9. How many iPA-Managers can be published in the Long List and how many of them receive compensation?

Our system imposes no restrictions on the number of iPA-Managers, who participate in the weekly compensation allocation. Whether or not an iPA-Manager is eligible for weekly compensation as well as the amount of his/her compensation is determined by his/her trading efficiency throughout the entire week and by the total capital of iPA-Investors, who have selected the iPA-Manager’s trading strategy.

Example: One of the iPA-Managers has very low trade quality indices. Nevertheless, during the last week, trade efficiency of this Manager was very high and a lot of profitable trading orders based on his/her trading signals were executed involving an iPA-Investor’s capital. Good trading performance during just a week cannot significantly influence the indices, which determine an iPA-Manager’s position in the Long List. However, he/she can get more compensation compared to other iPA-Managers, who have significantly higher positions, and showed less efficient trading performance for this week.

We should also mention that while testing iPA system, we often created situations when every iPA-Manager received compensation based on his/her trading during the week. Of course, we have created such a situation intentionally, but there are no obstacles for compensation distribution among 90% of all iPA-Managers or more.

10. What does the iPA-Investor account mean?

The iPA-Investor account is a trading account, which is designed to provide automated execution of trades using funds allocated by a Customer on the basis of trading signals given by iPA-Managers.

Creating the iPA-Investor account, a Customer selects a strategy of an iPA-Manager, i.e. determines a financial instrument and type of trading orders in the iPA-Manager account, trading signals on which will be automatically transmitted to his/her iPA-Investor account:

  • If a Customer has selected a financial instrument in the Original account, trading orders of an iPA-Manager are sent to the iPA-Investor account in the original form.
  • If the Investor has selected a financial instrument in the Processed account, an iPA-Manager’s trading orders are executed involving the iPA-Investor’s capital once they have been processed by iPA technology algorithms.

The key features of the iPA-Investor account:

  • Trades execution in the iPA-Investor account is based only on automated copying of trading signals generated by an iPA-Manager.
  • iPA-Manager’s trading signals can be inverted, their transmission can be stopped or resumed at the iPA-Investor’s discretion.
  • The leverage for the iPA-Investor account is not established but calculated automatically in a real-time mode according to trading conditions.
  • The iPA-Investor account is managed only through “My Account” section.
  • A part of profit received in the iPA-Investor account as a result of transmitting iPA-Manager’s trading orders is charged to pay compensation in the amount determined by trading conditions.
  • The volume of funds intended for carrying out each following trading order in the iPA-Investor account based on an iPA-Manager’s trading signals is calculated considering the current balance of the iPA-Investor account, but not the amount of funds allocated.
11. How to select an iPA-Manager and subscribe to copying of his/her trading signals to my iPA-Investor account?

The Customer, when allocating funds in the iPA-Investor trading account on the basis of an overall assessment of an iPA-Manager’s trading activity available in the public Long List of iPA-Managers, selects a trading strategy defining a financial instrument and type of trading orders, which correspond to his/her investment plans. Once the iPA-Investor account has been successfully created and funds have been allocated, trading signals of the selected iPA-Manager are automatically copied to the iPA-Investor account.

The “Trading” section of “My Account” (“Manage My Investments” page) allows an iPA-Investor to manage his/her accounts where he/she can:

  • Find information on the current status of all iPA-Investor’s accounts, including newly created accounts.
  • Find necessary tools to analyse iPA-Managers’ trading activity as well as suspend and resume copying of trading signals or invert them.
  • Perform certain actions: make a deposit or withdraw funds from each iPA-Investor’s account as well as exclude the account from a Customer’s Investment Portfolio.
12. How is weekly compensation for iPA-Managers calculated?

An iPA-Manager’s income is generated as a part of positive profit received when executing trades with invested capital. Thus, the more funds an iPA-Manager manages, the higher his/her financial result is.

13. What does Traderank show?

Traderank is a statistical indicator characterizing trading activity of an iPA-Manager as a whole. The higher value this indicator shows the more stable and more profitable the iPA-Manager’s trading orders are.

You can read simple recommendations on how to increase the overall trading effectiveness and the Traderank value in the article “Recommendations on How to Increase the Overall Trading Effectiveness” on UBK Markets info website.

14. How do we assess an iPA-Manager’s trading activity on various financial instruments?

When trading in the iPA-Manager account, our Customers build their own Traderank index separately for Original accounts (using an iPA-Manager’s original strategy) and for Processed accounts (applying special algorithms of intelligent processing of an iPA-Manager’s trading signals). At the same time, the Long List of iPA-Managers contains general Traderank value for all financial instruments of Original accounts and general Traderank value for all financial instruments of Processed accounts.

15. Are there any restrictions on the trading methods (e.g. automated trading strategies etc.)?

Our Customers can use any method of trading available in the financial markets that is convenient for them.

The only limit we set for iPA-Managers is that when analyzing their trading performance we find out the copying of trading strategy on one financial instrument in two or more iPA-Manager’s accounts, then the Traderank value on the specified financial instrument will be reduced. The lowering of the Traderank value will negatively affect a potential interest of iPA-Investors regarding this iPA-Manager.

16. What period of trading activity will be counted by iPA system while determining my Traderank index?

iPA system calculates Traderank index based on the analysis of your trading activity over the last four trading weeks.

Example: an iPA-Manager has showed poor trading performance within a week, consequently, his/her Traderank decreased. After that, this Manager showed good results over the next three weeks, but because of the losses during the first trading week, which were taken into account by iPA system, his/her Traderank index still did not correspond to the value achieved over the last three weeks. However, as soon as the fifth trading week came to an end, the first (unprofitable) week was not taken into account by the system anymore, so Traderank increased.

Hence, mistakes you make when trading in an iPA-Manager account are temporary setbacks that should be seen as an opportunity to improve your trading strategy and to constantly strive for top positions.

17. Can I get information about which of my trading signals were copied to the iPA-Investor account and how profitable they were?

Such information is available in the account statements for each financial instrument of the iPA-Manager account using original strategy (Original account) and applying special algorithms of intelligent processing of iPA-Managers’ trading signals (Processed account).

You can view the account statements in the “Trading” section of your UBK Markets account on the “Trading Accounts” page.

You can learn more about the account statement for the iPA-Manager account in the article “How to Generate Account Statement for an iPA-Manager Account” of the UBK Markets info website.

18. What is the dynamic calculation of the maximum Stop Loss value?

The dynamic calculation of the maximum Stop Loss value is a functional option made for an iPA-Manager account in iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform. The Stop Loss level is set automatically when an iPA-Manager opens a trading position. The maximum Stop Loss value is calculated based on the analysis of market activity and potential risks to determine possible points of entry into the market. The maximum Stop Loss value is calculated separately for each currency pair at the end of the trading week for the upcoming week. The calculation is dynamic as the data used for calculations vary within each trading week.

The Stop Loss setting cannot be cancelled; however, iPA-Managers can modify its value, but only in a downward direction from the maximum value set by the system.

19. What is a commission for the iPA-Manager account?

The iPA-Manager account is non-nominal. At the same time, funds in the iPA-Investor account are real, and the commission is withdrawn from the iPA-Investor account for the use of his/her capital while executing trades. To avoid miscalculation of trading performance, the commission should be synchronized in the iPA-Manager and iPA-Investor accounts. Thus, for the iPA-Manager account, the commission is given in pips (16 pips) and corresponds to the money equivalent of the commission for the iPA-Investor account. The commission equivalent is withdrawn from the funds under management, i.e. from an iPA-Investor’s actual funds. However, the pips taken to execute a trading operation by an iPA-Manager are considered when calculating the financial result on each trade and influence the amount of total profit and, in its turn, the value of the Traderank index.

20. Why is the history of an iPA-Manager’s trading activity determined by the period of 90 trading days?

The UBK Markets experts have carried out the comprehensive analyses to determine the maximum period of an iPA-Manager’s trading history. This period constitutes 90 trading days. The analyses conducted have been aimed at studying market dynamics, statistics of trade indices, frequency of strategy adjustment by an iPA-Manager and many other factors. The results obtained have shown that 90 trading days constitute the optimal period to evaluate an iPA-Manager’s trading strategy in detail and to the full extent.

Determining the maximum period of an iPA-Manager’s trading history, the Company has relied on the principle that all Customers should receive equal opportunities to achieve good results and increase their competence.

iBroker Partnership Program

1. What is iBroker Partnership Program?

iBroker stands for Introducing Broker that means “representative of a broker”. The Partnership Program has been designed to provide an opportunity for the Company’s Customers to receive additional income by promoting the UBK Markets brand using various Internet resources. For this purpose, we have prepared free tools for promoting the brand online, as well as the ones for monitoring and analyzing the activity of iBroker Partners. All this will help you to develop a qualitative business strategy on the Internet and receive income from the activity of the Customers you have attracted. You can learn more about the benefits of the Partnership Program in the article “What is iBroker Partnership Program?” on the UBK Markets info website.

2. What are the advantages of iBroker Partnership Program?

By activating iBroker Partnership Program in “My Account” section free of charge, you become not only our Customer but also our Partner. Our Company is a leader in brokerage services in the global financial market. Hence, cooperating with UBK Markets Company, you receive profitable conditions of collaboration and become a part of the successful and experienced team. The services we provide to our Customers vary from the classic trading to the capital management applying iPA technology. Thus, the Customers you have attracted can select from a variety of services the service that they need, and the quality service as well as innovative technologies will help them to increase their capital that, in its turn, will positively influence your income.

3. What do I need to become an iBroker Partner?

You can activate the Partnership Program in the “iBroker” section in your UBK Markets account. If you do not have your UBK Markets account yet, complete a quick registration on the UBK Markets website. By confirming that you have read iBroker Partnership Program Regulations on the “Activation” page and clicking the “Activate” button, you will receive a full set of tools to promote online and analyze your business strategy. Note that iBroker activation and the tools provided are completely free of charge. You can learn more about the activation in the article “How to Activate iBroker Partnership Program” on the UBK Markets info website.

4. What do I need to become a successful iBroker Partner?

Cooperating with UBK Markets within the Partnership Program, you become a representative of our brand. Using tools for online promotion that the Company provides free of charge, you can post qualitative information about UBK Markets Company on the Internet and attract new Customers to cooperation. Each iBroker Partner has a unique ID, which helps him/her to track the attracted Customers. At the same time, you can engage a person to the partnership directly by asking him/her to enter your Partner’s ID while registering on our website. You will receive remuneration for your activity and for activity of your Customers. You can also find various tools in “My Account” section to monitor and analyze the results of your activity as of an iBroker Partner. The tools will help you to assess efficiency of your business strategy and, if necessary, to adjust it to be more efficient. You can learn more in the article “How to Become a Successful iBroker Partner” on the UBK Markets info website.

Questions regarding registration

1. Can I register more than one UBK Markets accounts?

UBK Markets Company is a world-class broker. It is not just words. We follow all the financial activity rules strictly and with high responsibility, and our actions always meet the standards of international financial regulators. Thus, due to requirements of our regulators, only one UBK Markets account should be registered for each Customer. Hence, all information regarding transactions in your account, message history with the Customer Support and access to the capital management — everything in one place that is very convenient.

2. What does the SMS verification mean?

The SMS verification is one of the methods of user identification. After completing a quick registration or when changing login parameters of your UBK Markets account, a mobile phone number you have specified is linked to your account. When you perform certain actions in “My Account” section, for example, change login parameters or withdraw funds, you should go through SMS verification. An SMS text message with a code will be sent to your mobile phone number. You should enter this code in a special field on the website. Thus, the Company provides additional security for your UBK Markets account. Important: you should never give the code received to anybody.

3. What are the advantages of full registration?

Documentary evidence of Customer’s data is a guarantee for the Company’s financial regulator that financial relations, which arise when the Company provides institutional services to a Customer, are legal. Therefore, full registration makes the relations between the Company and a Customer, represented by you, transparent and confidential and provides you with more opportunities, for example, funds transfer via Net Payment service or funds withdrawal from Master account.

4. What is the difference between advanced registration and full registration?

The advanced registration is set automatically when a Customer fills in all the fields on the “Personal Details” page of the “My Profile” section in “My Account” (including the fields on the “Additional Information” page). This type of registration gives access to trading in Live accounts. You can add a certain amount of funds to these accounts in the “Trading” section. The full registration gives a Customer the opportunity to replenish Master and trading accounts without any restrictions as well as withdraw funds from Master account or create internal outgoing transfer via Net Payment service. To generate a request form to complete a full registration, you should provide documents to confirm the details specified during the advanced registration by uploading photocopies or scanned copies of the necessary documents on the “Supporting Documents” page of the ”My Profile” section. The Operator of our Customer Support will verify the authenticity of the copies provided. You can find information on the verification results in “My Account” in the “Support” section on the “Message History” page. You can find out more about advanced and full registrations in the articles available on UBK Markets Info reference website.

5. Why should I upload scanned copies/photocopies of supporting documents?

The Company’s Customers should provide their ID documents or the documents verifying place of their permanent residence — this is a rule of the financial regulators, which control UBK Markets activity. Since a financial regulator monitors legality of transactions executed, it requires a confirmation that our Customers are real people. You can be confident that the Company shall not provide your personal details to third parties according to Privacy Policy. Moreover, specifying your details, you can be sure that in case of any illegitimate actions regarding your funds in Master account of your “My Account”, your rights will be protected and considered as a priority.

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