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This page contains the most commonly asked questions of our Customers that we receive when they contact the Customer Support. We have tried to give the most detailed explanations that will help you easily understand core features of our work.

Questions regarding iPA technology

1. Can a trader have more than one iPA-Manager account?

The policy of our Company foresees a healthy competitive environment among iPA-Managers. We want each iPA-Manager to have an opportunity to demonstrate his/her trading skills on the financial markets and to take part in a compensation distribution. Therefore, to avoid situations when our weekly compensation is distributed only among some traders, who have several iPA-Manager accounts at the same time, we have decided that one trader can open only one iPA-Manager account.

2. How to become an iPA-Manager?

To start your own career as an iPA-Manager with UBK Markets Company, you should make the following steps:

  • download iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform from our website;
  • complete a quick registration of your UBK Markets account;
  • create an iPA-Manager account.
3. What does an iPA-Manager non-nominal account mean?

The features of an iPA-Manager non-nominal account are as follows:

  • No capital requirements are set. When executing trades in an iPA-Manager account, iPA-Managers do not use their own funds.
  • No margin requirements are set while performing trading operations in an iPA-Manager account, i.e. no deposit is required to execute trades with financial instruments.
  • No financial obligations arise when trading in an iPA-Manager account.
4. Can an iPA-Manager execute trades in a Live account as well?

An iPA-Manager status does not restrict Customers’ trading activity in any way. iPA-Managers may continue trading in any other types of accounts provided by UBK Markets.

5. What does Traderank show?

Traderank is a statistical indicator characterizing trading activity of an iPA-Manager as a whole. The higher value this indicator shows the more stable and more profitable the iPA-Manager’s trading orders are.

You can read simple recommendations on how to increase the overall trading effectiveness and the Traderank value in the article “Recommendations on How to Increase the Overall Trading Effectiveness” on UBK Markets info website.

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