The history of the Company dates back to 2002.

At that moment, we had the goal to study the situation in the currency and stock markets and the potential for their
development. To that end, we conducted a large number of studies and experiments between 2002 and 2004.
The results of this research formed the foundation for the establishment of Simcord
and shaped its development strategy.

In late 2004, a group of specialists was formed to develop the currency and stock market analysis software with further application of obtained results in trading strategies.

At the same time, we commenced the development of iPro Marketplace, a trading and analytical platform featuring a new concept of creating trading strategies and integrating various techniques for analysis of economic data arrays. By combining these features, we created a powerful foundation for successful trading in the global financial markets.

In early 2005, we started developing special algorithms for real-time evaluation of trading strategies. The goal of this research was to evaluate the performance of a trader or an automated system used by the trader when working with the capital under his/her management. All results produced by this research were used to develop iPA (Intelligent Processing Algorithms), a unique and unparalleled technology available in iPro Marketplace platform.

In the same year, Simcord started to operate in two more priority areas, namely the development of wave and spectral analysis techniques. These two types of analysis, completely different by their structure and approach, opened an entirely new way of studying the market patterns. The practical application of the data obtained using these techniques produces a multifold increase in the trading results.

In 2006, highly important results were obtained from the analysis systems. The statistical data resulting from a series of experiments became the foundation of the mathematical model of the Gelan Trawler trading system.

In 2007, after a series of successful experiments based on the Gelan Trawler trading system, it was decided to initiate the development of the commercial version of this software. The commercial launch of the Gelan Trawler system was scheduled for September 9, 2009.

Between 2009 and 2011, the Gelan Trawler project was demonstrated at international exhibitions. In 2010, we presented a total of three projects: FxMarketWave (wave analysis platform), an information portal and new versions of the Gelan Trawler trading system.

With the development of our Company, we keep setting new and more complex goals. We established interregional offices to provide informational support to our Partners and Customers.

In order to significantly expand the area of activities and the range of capital management services provided by the Company, in 2011, the management of Simcord established UBK Markets, an international brokerage Company.