UBK Markets is an international brokerage Сompany, the credibility of which is confirmed by a long history, sustainable development of its customer community, as well as by conducting activities, taking into account global financial trends and the dynamics of implementation of products and services based on cutting-edge technologies.

UBK Markets was registered in 2011 in the Republic of Cyprus. It received a brokerage license No. 186/12 issued by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) in 2012.

According to this license, the Company has the right to provide the following main services:

  • Receiving and transferring orders in relation to one or several financial instruments;
  • Executing orders on behalf of Customers;
  • Portfolio management;
  • Investment consulting.

The Company can provide the following ancillary services as well:

  • Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments, including custodianship and related services such as collateral management;
  • Granting credits and/or loans;
  • Investment research and financial analysis or other forms of general recommendations related to transactions in financial instruments.

In order to comply with all the rules of conducting financial service activities set forth by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), UBK Markets is annually audited by the specialists of KPMG, which is an international auditing company.

In its activities, UBK Markets provides an opportunity for Customers to trade in the global financial market using iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform, as well as interface solutions. iPro Marketplace is the development of Simcord’s specialists, who laid at its foundation a conceptually new system for constructing trading strategies and the integration of various methods for analyzing economic data arrays, which, in general, forms a powerful basis for successful trading in the global financial markets.

Monitoring priority areas in the financial field, which are developed largely due to the emergence of new technologies, the Company has been providing its Customers with an opportunity to manage capital based on the iPA system since 2015. The key component (iPA technology) of the iPA system is based on algorithms for intelligent processing of provider’s (iPA Manager) trading signals.

One of the components of UBK Markets’ activities is monitoring and analysis of all segments of the financial market in order to determine strategic development priorities, expand the range of provided services, as well as the successful activities of Customers in any of the areas that they can choose as part of the cooperation with UBK Markets.