Social Responsibility.

For UBK Markets social responsibility is not only a philosophic concept defining our attitude to society, the country and the environment, but also an aspiration to do business in harmony with people involving obligations and active participation in the social
and economic development of society as a whole.

Our mission, our vision, our values and considerable care for Customers are fundamental to the Company’s responsibility. Our Company strives for success solely through encouraging development of society and business in general.

We believe strongly that every person has a unique potential, and we make every effort to boost it by supporting initiatives in education and improvement of life quality. The UBK Markets team also participates in public activity that maximizes the positive effect of our Company's participation in social support.

We are confident that by our way of contributing to development of mentality, culture and high technologies, we establish the basis for improving innovative products and increase their significance in the human consciousness while contributing to evolution of the human intelligence as a whole.