Institutional Services.

An integral part of this activity is a high level of openness, transparency and security.

UBK Markets institutional services meet the requirements of a wide range of potential Customers, from affiliate programs for people launching their own businesses to solutions provided for traders-managers. We offer a complete set of instruments for efficient work on the financial markets.

Our advantages

The Foreign Exchange Operations Department consists of professional traders with solid experience in the financial markets, allowing us to declare with confidence that we offer the highest quality of services.

Due to the large turnover of financial assets, collaboration with world's largest banks and liquidity providers based on the ECN (Electronic Communication Network) standard, we create high-quality trading conditions with low commission costs and best prices for our Customers.

UBK Markets develops and supports institutional services for servicing such corporate Customers as banks and financial institutions, hedge funds, futures market advisers, investment managers, corporations and trading firms for which efficient trading solutions and competitive prices are critical.

UBK Markets offers the following services within this part of its business:

  • management of various instruments from one trading account;
  • competitive prices and fast trading order execution;
  • real-time management of related risks;
  • integration and provision of a wide range of reporting Information;
  • professional support and individual servicing in the subject domain.