Business Model.

UBK Markets is a next generation brokerage company that offers a wide range of services and opportunities to its Customers and Partners all over the world.

To provide high quality services, UBK Markets uses advanced technologies and its own unique solutions based on the software developed by Simcord, which is a parent company of the holding including UBK Markets.

Infrastructure. Our Company’s priority areas: development and maintenance of the brand name worldwide, international patent protection, creating projects focused on improving financial competence, strengthening the Company's infrastructure and business model as a whole, carrying out trainings and traveling seminars on personal development of staff, regular presentations and reports, and charity projects.

To create value for its Customers and Partners, UBK Markets involves the following resources: collaboration with international financial institutions; formation of a communication structure composed of the Company's representatives in different parts of the world; creation and promotion of its own science-intensive software solutions that are available and clear to Customers; construction of technical infrastructure based on technologies of such companies as Microsoft and Google, ensuring thereby the confidentiality and 24/7 guaranteed access to UBK Markets services.

UBK Markets maintains business relations with:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (the world’s largest international company offering professional services in consulting and auditing)
  • Google (the world's largest software producer and search engine developer)
  • Microsoft (one of the largest transnational software production companies)
  • The largest financial institutions that form the liquidity of the world trading platforms: CFH Markets, LMAX, Hotspot FX, Integral, FXCM Currenex, Boston Prime, Dukascopy, Alfa FOREX
  • The systematically important banks supporting the market liquidity as a whole: Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, J.P. Morgan, Nomura, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, UBS, Citibank, RBS, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Robobank

What we offer. We offer our Customers and Partners the following values: transparency of trading in the world financial markets with iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform; consulting and institutional services; instructions on how to work with assets; capital management technologies based on our own unique solutions; complex closed circuit solutions allowing to implement quickly and efficiently new technologies, IT infrastructure and possibilities to make profit using iPA technology.

Customers. The target audience segments for our products and services are corporate and private Customers, asset managers, private traders, financial analysts, and developers of software and automated trading strategies.

To inform potential Customers about products and services, the Company possesses a marketing strategy, an extensive network of corporate and affiliate websites, advertising campaigns, print media, and an international affiliate network, besides our Company also participates in international exhibitions and hosts special events.

UBK Markets relationship with Customers and Partners is transparent, honest and fully regulated; we build our business relations in accordance with the highest ethical, legal and moral standards. The Company values trust-based relationships and shows loyal attitude to each Customer, objectively resolving any disputable situations.

Finances. Our Company finances the advertising of its products and services, supporting and developing office infrastructure, developing software, supporting customers’ profiles, professional development of staff and gaining international qualifications, we also improve the financial literacy of population, and are engaged in charity.

The Company's sources of income: commission on Customers’ trading operations, selling of trading signals, consulting and institutional services, analytical reports for private and corporate Customers, training on how to trade in the financial markets, as well as a number of additional services that build up the powerful and stable business structure of UBK Markets.