The Latest Updates of the Company’s Software Solutions.

iPro Marketplace – Version 1.2.6
Monday, 17 August 2015
  • A number of critical errors causing the malfunction of iPro Marketplace has been fixed;
  • A display of exact profit value in the table of iPAMM-Manager Account Ranking (TOP 5) in the user authorization form has been fixed.
For iPAMM-Manager accounts
  • An error of Stop Loss display in "Order History" component has been fixed.
  • A display of exact profit value on currency pairs in "Show in statement" component has been fixed.
iPro Marketplace – Version 1.2.5
Friday, 29 May 2015

iPAMM-Manager Account


Changes in the statistical and analytical parameters:
  • When calculating the “Level of Risk” and “Sharpe ratio” parameters and selecting statement time period, the value of the “Initial Deposit” parameter will be set to 10,000 pips;
  • The formula for calculating the “Estimate Accuracy” parameter has been modified. 
From now on it will be calculated as follows:

[The number of winning trades to the number of all trades ratio] x [the average profit to average loss ratio, per trade].

The calculated value of the parameter, depending on the range it falls under, will correspond to the certain approximate value given in the table below:

Calculated Value of the Parameter Approximate Value
  [0,0 – 0,2)* Very low
[0,2 – 0,4) Low
[0,4 – 0,6) Medium
[0,6 – 0,8) High
[0,8 – 1,0] Very high

* ( - value is not included in the interval, [ - value is included in the interval. 
  • The “Average trade size” parameter is replaced with the “Average volume of open positions” parameter, which represents the total volume of simultaneously opened positions.

This parameter is calculated as follows:

When array of trades is sorted by the opening time,

[Average number of simultaneously opened positions] x [lot size per trade].

iPro Marketplace – Version 1.2.4
Wednesday, 20 May 2015
  • A problem has been solved related to iPro Marketplace installation on Windows 10 Beta and on Windows versions with installed Framework (version 4.6);
  • Backlight color scheme of dedicated line for White Style has been improved;
  • A format of dates, shown in iPro Marketplace, has been put according to the settings of the user’s operating system;
  • A function saving iPro Marketplace settings, while working with several logins on the same computer, has been improved. Installed settings will be saved to the PC for each login separately;
  • An authorization form involves now a table displaying iPAMM-Manager Account Ranking (TOP 5);
  • A visual flashing effect of balance status bar, which appears during Margin Call triggering, has been improved.

  • A problem with the chart bars display, arising while changing intervals of ​​Time frame, has been solved;
  • A button "L" for "Level" has been added to the parameter  of "Fibonacci fans" tool, clicking which you will see additional levels of 81% and 138.2% being displayed on the chart;
  • A display of button state (pressed/released state) with the tools of  graphical analysis has been fixed;
  • A functional, drawing tools of  graphic and technical analysis in the chart, has been improved;
  • Tooltips popping up for "Icons" tools have been added;
  • A functional, saving button states "Autoscroll", "Autoscale" and "Shift chart", has been added when creating a new chart;
  • Performance of functions "Autoscale" and "Autoscroll" has been improved;
  • Construction sequence has been improved and extra marking point in the midline has been added while working with "Andrew’s Pitchfork" tool.
“Market Overview” component:
  • A number of changes were made while installing the signals:
    - Minor changes in the design of "Signal Editor" window;
    - In the field "Symbol" that currency pair will be displayed where the last focus was: the focus on the currency pair in the table "Market Overview" component or on the tab of a chart;
    - In the field Email user’s verified email address will be displayed by default (e-mail from "My Account"). It is possible to change e-mail address only through "My Account".

“Chart” component:
  • A functional of "Ctrl + Z" keyboard shortcuts has been improved; these keyboard shortcuts are used to undo the last 10 actions made while working with "Chart" component;
  • A functional of lines drawing and shifting has been improved. These lines indicate Stop Loss and Take Profit levels on the chart;
  • Display of pips’ number and price level has been added over the lines indicating Stop Loss and Take Profit levels at the moment of their movement;
  • Display of price levels for Stop Loss and Take Profit has been added to the axis on the chart;
  • A functional, displaying the order number above the lines, has been applied.  These lines display Stop Loss and Take Profit levels at the moment when you put the cursor on the order line or the line of Stop Loss/Take Profit levels;
  • The accuracy of the chart display has been improved while selecting a "Lines" chart;
  • Errors, arising while working with the chart profiles, have been fixed;
  • "Save" button has been changed to "Save Image" one; incorrect display of image has been fixed in the preview window;
  • A functional to select parameters has been added to "Save Template" window; templates of charts will be also stored with these parameters;
  • In the preview window chart displaying has been improved when working with "Print" function.
“Indicators” component:
  • An external view of the component has been changed;
  • Errors in the construction of Moving Average and Alligator indicators have been fixed.
  • Pivot indicator has been added to the list of indicators.
The Pivot level itself as well as support and resistance levels belong to the estimated levels. The indicator offers you 5 methods to construct levels:
  1. Standard Pivot levels.
  2. Woodie Pivot Point levels.
  3. Camarilla levels.
  4. Fibonacci levels.
  5. Tom DeMark levels.

The indicator allows you to choose the period of construction. Daily Pivot levels are most widely used for technical analysis.

HLC (High, Low, Close) data of the previous day are used to construct Pivot levels for the current day.

You can also use weekly and monthly Pivot levels. Weekly Pivot levels are based on principles similar to the daily ones, i.e. HLC data of the previous week are used for the whole current week. Monthly Pivot levels are constructed in a similar way using the data from the previous month.

If you use this indicator properly in the trade, you can significantly increase the percentage of profitable trades.

“Trade” component:
  • An error displaying empty lines in the table of open orders has been fixed when working with pending orders;
  • An option to set the Trailing Stop starting from 20 pips has been added;
  • A component functioning has been optimized at the time of partial position closing.
“Order History” component:
  • An error has been fixed that duplicates positions after accounts switching, after position closing, after filtering of daily report and at simultaneous closure of positions from different PC.

“Balance chart” component:​
  • Value "H1" is set by default in the window which sets equity accuracy;
  • The visualization of the balance chart has been improved having a turned on/turned off option "Deposit/withdrawal";
  • If the trading account was created later than the initial date of the selected period, then the date of account opening will be displayed as the initial date in the "Balance chart" component. 
iPro Marketplace – Version 1.2.3
Thursday, 12 February 2015

Component “Chart”:

  • The function of saving the active chart when working with “Save image” window has been improved.


  • Fixed bugs in the calculation of statistical parameters when working with iPAMM-Manager accounts;
  • Fixed a bug with a balance calculation mechanism in the balance graph when applying symbol filters to "Display in Statement" component;
  • Optimized reporting mechanism when working with a slow Internet connection.
iPro Marketplace – Version 1.2.2
Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Component “Chart”:

  • Fixed a bug causing delay in displaying bars when switching between the time frames.
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect display of the current weekly and monthly candles on weekends.