iPAMM Technology Principles
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Principles of iPAMM Technology

iPAMM-Manager Account

This component of our technology is specifically designed to create trading orders by iPAMM-Managers. This type of account is made as a standard trading account with no margin requirements. In other words, to carry out trades you do not have to fund it. Trading orders are created by iPAMM-Managers when trading financial instruments, and then transmitted to and processed by the iPAMM System.


iPAMM System

The iPAMM System receives trading orders created by iPAMM-Managers and processes them with special algorithms. Analyzing the potential profitability of incoming trading orders, the System performs one of the following options:

  • Sending trading orders to the Investment Portfolio Account to be executed. If the received trading instruction potentially might result in profitable transaction, then it will be sent to Investment Portfolio Account to be executed.
  • Modifying the lot size of a trading order followed by sending it to the Investment Portfolio Account to be executed. Trading orders being analyzed by the iPAMM System can be executed in the Investment Portfolio Account with modified lot size, if they are expected to be extremely profitable. Modifications of the lot size may also occur when it’s considered inappropriate in the current market situation.
  • Cancelling trading order entering the System. Sometimes iPAMM-Managers can create trading orders with unpredictable results due to various events in the financial markets. Obviously, it is unwise to execute such trading orders in the Investment portfolio account, so we believe that the most effective solution here is to cancel unpredictable trading instructions.

iPAMM System operation is designed in such a way that iPAMM-Managers won’t experience any interference in their work. There won’t be any changes in the previously executed trades in the trading platform. We are not going to distract you from the trading process or overload you with excessive information of whether your trading orders were sent for execution or not.

Your comfort over the course of your work is really important to us and you can always review your trading results in the weekly updated report.

Investment Portfolio Account

This component of iPAMM technology is intended for automatic execution of instructions sent from the iPAMM System to the Investment Portfolio Account where the funds are deposited.

How iPAMM-Manager Receives Profit

iPAMM-Managers receive compensation which is a portion of profits gained as a result of trading transactions with funds deposited to the Investment  Portfolio Account. The size of the compensation depends on a number of statistical indicators and iPAMM-Manager’s trading performance in general (for more details, please visit the iPAMM-Manager Account Ranking section).