Philosophy of Transparency
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Philosophy of Transparency

For UBK Markets transparency is an essential element of corporate culture. Our company’s top business priorities are the business image and the responsible partner reputation based on our customers successful trading to ensure our constantly growing popularity.

Transparency of Trade

Each customer who has opened an account with us would receive identical historical data and live forex quotes, comprehensive statements on operations they perform and continuous access to the account balances. The company's customers who use the iPAMM technology receive complete access to reporting systems on executed trades, account balances and trading strategies.

Openness and transparency in the data provision guarantee a high accuracy of trading strategies testing based on historical data and exclude any possibility of price manipulation by UBK Markets.

Liquidity Guarantees

As a foundation of the market liquidity provided to the customers, UBK Markets uses the ECN business model. With this model, customers can obtain as much liquidity as they need at any time which in its turn prevents failures in order execution.

This feature gives our customers an opportunity to monitor current prices and to choose the best trading opportunities that correspond to their trading strategies. The company’s customers attain high-quality trading conditions with low commission costs and best prices.


We are open to every customer. Our customers can receive a professional advice and answers to their questions. Our objective is to provide the clients with the highest quality of advisory and technical support which is necessary for their success.

The company’s news feed features all planned and implemented innovations. Our customers also have continuous access to the comprehensive archive of news and documents regulating the company's operations.

The company’s interests are not in conflict with the interests of its customers, and this encourages the development of business relations and trust. We consider all propositions and wishes of our customers and partners without exception for the purposes of company’s business activities, in order to facilitate the provision of services to an even higher level of quality.