Getting started. Trading Statements tab
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Getting Started. «Trading Statements» Tab

Save trading statements. The mission of this control element of “Trading Statement” component is to save generated trading reports in the convenient format.

Select time frame.This element is used to specify the period of time, for which the trading statement will be generated. You can set the exact period using certain dates or choose the current year, month or week.

Using the “Update” button, various changes that have taken place in the parameters of the generated statement will apply.

Analytical and statistical trade performance. At the top of the “Trading Statements” tab you can find tables containing detailed information on the various parameters and properties of the trading operations performed by you for a selected time period.

Break-even chart of trading operations based on their holding time. This chart shows the percentage performance (to the current balance ratio) of carried out trades along with the time spent on their execution. When you mouse over the chart elements displaying profitability, the pop-up window with the detailed information will appear.

Balance chart. This chart graphically describes the changes in your trading account balance for the selected time period.

Select statistical parameters of trading activity to be displayed on charts. This chart control element located on the right side of the “Trading Statements” tab helps you to choose currency pairs, methods of trade and the statements that you are interested in. To select the necessary parameters for your trading activity, check the appropriate boxes next to them and press the “Update” button for the changes to take effect.

The buttons below allow you to display Equity and Volumes indicators on the charts and show the deposit/withdrawal information of your trading account.

Switching accounts. This element is located at the bottom of the trading and analytical platform and enables you to switch among existing trading accounts. Simply click on this element, represented by your account number and select the desired account from the drop-down list.