Market Analysis Module of iPro Marketplace
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Getting Started. «Market Analysis» Tab

Create new order button. The window of creating a new order will appear by clicking this button.

You can set new order parameters, such as financial instrument, order type, volume and deviation; and if necessary you can add some comments. If you click “Sell” or “Buy” button, you will place the market order.

Chart. You can have several open price charts and manage their position by selecting specific mode for the chart groups. There are control elements in the lower right corner of the window, which can help you switch, save or print the chart and set grids, templates and periods.

Chart Management Tools. The management tools of the charts are located in the upper part of our platform and designed to change the scale, type or timeframe.

Technical Analysis Tools. The technical analysis tools are located in the upper part of iPro Marketplace platform. You can select the necessary tool and set its properties before plotting. If you select the instrument, which is already in use, you can still modify its properties with the help of the special functional elements located at the top of the program window.

Switching accounts. This element allows you to switch among your existing accounts and is located at the bottom of the trading and analytical platform. You can click on this element and the drop down list will appear with all the existing trading accounts created in your UBK Markets account. Switch the account by clicking on its number.