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Our company offers its customers the most challenging work in the financial markets. By becoming an iPAMM-Manager, you will provide yourself with absolutely risk-free way to make money through investment management.

The size of the weekly compensation paid to the iPAMM-Managers depends entirely on the ability to execute profitable trades in financial instruments and may reach up to 5,000 USD.

Forming a global community of iPAMM-Managers from the most talented and successful experts, we would also like to give each of our customers a chance to become a money manager in the global financial markets.

We set out a number of requirements, which allow us to consider trading activity of each trader before they open iPAMM-Manager accounts. You must meet all the following rules in your Live trading account:

  • make at least 250 trades;
  • make at least 150 winning trades  with a profit not less than 150 pips each;
  • trade at least 25 standard lots;
  • make at least 25,000 pips for one financial instrument (1 pip is equal to 0.00001 of the currency price).

The fulfillment of those requirements will allow us to distinguish customers with practical understanding of financial markets and ability to analyze them. We will also see your potential and the number of your personal qualities such as responsibility, psychological resistance, predictability and motivation.

Satisfying those requirements, you can watch your progress displayed on a special scale in the “iPAMM-Manager Account” section of your account. The iPAMM-Manager Account will become available to you once you have met all the requirements and the progress bar is filled completely.

We give you the possibility to unlock your trading skills potential in the financial markets to the full extent; and we offer a decent compensation for your work and help you avoid any financial risks.