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iBroker – the Best Partnership Program for Making Money

UBK Markets is growing rapidly justifying its leading positions in providing brokerage services in international financial markets. Today our Company offers many opportunities to join a large number of those who contributed to our overall success. Our Partnership Program, called iBroker, is one of those opportunities. Such form of collaboration is becoming more and more popular day by day. The Partnership Program offered by the leading Forex broker UBK Markets is a modern and relevant campaign because it helps to use the advanced techniques of making profit online.

iBroker stands for Introducing Broker. The main idea of our Partnership Program is to promote our own brand online through a vast range of tools such as banner ads, signup forms, landing pages and referral links. These tools allow our Partners to benefit from attracting new Customers and Partners using web-based resources. Below you will find a brief description of each iBroker tool.

  • Referral link It is a link containing the ID of the Partner who posts it (Partner’s ID). This enables us to track how many customers were attracted by this Partner.
  • Banner It is a graphic ad containing hyperlink to the Company’s website.
  • Signup Form It is a special box that contains fields for entering information (name, country, phone number, Email) and is designed to collect contact information of potential customers for recruitment purposes.
  • Landing Page It is a web page that presents relevant information about the services and products of the Company.

It’s important to understand that cookie files are used to track the number of Customers attracted by a particular Partner. Cookies are created when a Customer clicks on a banner ad or the “Learn more” button of a signup form. Cookie files store Partner’s ID which helps automatically match the customer with this Partner in future. So that if a Customer clicks on a banner or the “Learn more” button on a signup form he or she will be associated with this Partner’s ID in our referral network.

You can track the number of customers who were registered using particular referral ID in the “iBroker. Statistics” section. This section also contains information about the activity of the referred customers allowing you to estimate the expected payout.

The compensation you will get through the Partnership Program is calculated based on the volume of lots traded by each referred customer according to the fees that can be seen in your account at any time. Our Company’s statistics shows that the average monthly trading volume per trader is approximately 12 lots.

The number of traders attracted by one Partner is not limited, like this 100 Customers will trade about 1,200 lots. Taking into account that a Partner earns 25% of the commission for each traded lot, he or she will get $3,600 a month per 100 traders. In case a trader purchases additional services or products, Partner’s reward may go as high as 35 % of their value while a Partner needs only to place a banner or a signup form on a web resource once, so that he or she will generate the passive income continuously.

According to our reward program the compensation can also be received by referring another Partner and may be up to 15 % from the total amount of money the referred Partner earns being an iBroker. However, it’s necessary to note that iBroker Partnership Program has the two-level structure. This means that the first-level partner receives compensation from the revenue of the second-level partner.

According to the Partnership Program terms and conditions the compensation is paid on a weekly basis.

A sales account manager will be assigned to each registered account of the Customer referred through the iBroker Partnership Program. The account manager will explain how our services and products work and will facilitate the sales process. Our Company’s managers will also provide high-level consultation to the prospects that filled out a signup form. This way we actively support our Partners and contribute to increasing profitability of their iBroker-based business campaigns.

To become a participant of the iBroker Partnership Program and achieve your business goals with UBK Markets brand, you will need to register in the Additional Services section of your account to get access to our unique tools to effectively attract new customers.