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iPro Store Developer

A lot of our customers have good command of C # language, and at the same time they know iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform and financial markets fairly well. Therefore, we offer you a unique opportunity to make the most of your talents to earn income from developing trading strategies and indicators.

We always strive to give each of our customers the opportunity to choose the right strategy to make money in the financial markets, and that was the underlying idea for the creation of the built-in e-shop iPro Store.

You can find a lot of reasons not to trade in the financial markets. However, you can always change to another line of work and focus on developing software for optimization the process of trading in financial instruments, and thus allow a huge community of iPro Marketplace users to take a look at your workings in the iPro Store and purchase the rights to use them in their trading.

We are positive that our business model used in iPro Store technology can greatly change and expand your vision of modern trading methods in the financial markets. Our company offers participants of the financial industry an opportunity to make profit by using only their intellectual potential, without their money being involved.