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Large-scale Transformations and Company Innovations

From its very beginning until the present day, a priority of UBK Markets development is to ensure that our Customers and Partners have modern and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. For several years the specialists of our Company have made enormous efforts and used all resources to update the existing products and to develop the latest UBK Markets product line. We have particularly focused on expanding opportunities of our Customers and Partners for them to cooperate in different ways.

The result of our research conducted in various areas of activity is a significant event in the field of capital management and the investment area; it is an important step towards UBK Markets evolution, a real boom in the trading world!

Using our unique products and services in the financial and economic area will allow you to reach a completely new qualitative level of activity.

Before you get familiar with our new developments, please note how the key terminology of our Company has changed:

  • UBK Markets rapid development, the improvement of Company’s products and services as well as creation of the new ones have resulted in the emergence of iPA system which replaced iPAMM.
  • iPA system combines activity of Managers and Investors within the software complex, the basic component of which is iPA technology – a technology of capital management based on applying intelligent processing algorithms of iPA-Manager’s trading signals targeted to reduce the risk level and increase profitability while executing trades.
  • Activity promotion in the international financial area has influenced the Long List of iPA-Managers, i.e. its formation (it replaced the ranking).

   The optimal business model of capital management

  • The remuneration for an iPA-Manager’s activity is accrued according to his/her trading results both in the Original account (using original strategy of an iPA-Manager) and in the Processed account (applying algorithms of iPA technology).
  • There are no limits set for iPA-Managers to gain profit. Compensation for an iPA-Manager is not limited and constitutes 25% of the profit received from trades involving the Investor’s capital.
  • Publication of trading performance in the Long List of iPA-Managers allows an iPA-Manager to attract iPA-Investors’ attention worldwide to his/her own trading strategy. Thus, the chances rise to increase the permanent income from capital management.
  • A Portfolio Manager is provided with a compensation of 30% of the total profit of Investment Portfolio, which he/she forms from the most successful iPA-Managers.
  • By following the principles of investment planning, an Investor when allocating his/her own funds in the iPA-Investor account can subscribe to duplication of an iPA-Manager’s trading signals (the Original and Processed accounts) as well as to duplication of trading signals of Investment Portfolio (the Original and Processed accounts).
  • The special web platform designed to carry out activity in the investment field combines the unique ergonomics and user-friendly interface to make right decisions quickly.

   Updated iBroker Partnership Program

  • Following current trends in the development of the global financial industry, UBK Markets offers extended and supplemented iBroker Partnership Program, which makes cooperation with us even more profitable and versatile.
  • The remuneration accrual terms of iBroker Partnership Program have been improved. Our Partners will gain a compensation as a part of profit received from the activity of Customers they have attracted– classic traders, iPA-Managers and iPA-Investors.
  • Building your own business strategy on the Internet on the basis of business partnership with the Company and business development at the international level are the key components of your financial success.

   New website of UBK Markets Company

  • The modernized concept of the official Company website corresponds to innovative style and is significantly supplemented in terms of functionality.
  • The website navigation allows you to quickly search for information on our web resource.
  • For absolute convenience of users, the website has a multilingual support. All materials are available in 7 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, English, German, French and Spanish. In the future, the website will be localized for Eastern Europe (Polish, Romanian and Hungarian) and for Asian countries.

   Information and reference service

  • For convenient search of necessary information on Company’s products and services, we have created UBK Markets info reference service. Detailed instructions combined in thematic sections, as well as educational resources and answers to the questions that our Customers frequently ask, will help you to choose any service and quickly feel at ease on the financial market.
  • iPro Marketplace info will help you to acquire or hone the skills of a classic trader or an iPA-Manager’s skills while working with our trading and analytical platform. Articles, video tutorials on all sections and components of the trading platform, the forum for interactive communication of traders and much more – everything is provided in order to make execution of trades an easy and clear process and make your trading results stable and high.

   iPro Marketplace – New version 1.3.0

  • To make capital management more efficient, we have significantly updated the “Market Analysis and “Trading Statement” sections.
  • Four new sections: “Strategy Development”, “ATS Management”, “Strategy Tester”, “Test Reports” have been added to the updated version of iPro Marketplace, which allow you to create your own technical indicators, test and manage automated trading strategies.
  • To improve an iPA-Manager’s profitability while trading in the iPA-Manager account, a trader can focus on the “Trade quality” index, which reflects how compliant his selected strategy is with capital management principles of iPA technology standards.
  • If any questions arise regarding using and functioning of the trading and analytical platform, the Customer can go without quitting the program to the materials published on iPro Marketplace info website.

   Mobile version of iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform

  • Classic trading and capital management are now available in the mobile version of iPro Marketplace based on Android (the ability to install the application on iOS will be available for our Customers later).
  • The user-friendly interface of mobile iPro Marketplace application is developed for absolute convenience when working with the program.
  • The ability to change the color scheme and the lack of excessive visual load allow you to execute trades, track relevant information on the cost of financial instruments and assess the market trends

   Please note the dates of launch of new services and products:

  • The updated UBK Markets website — in the period from 22-29 October, 2016.
  • Processed account — 19 November, 2016.
  • Publication of generated Portfolio (for Portfolio Managers) — 17 December, 2016.
  • iPro Marketplace mobile application based on iOS — 28 January, 2017.

In conclusion, we would like to add that we fully understand how important our current innovations for iPA-Investors, iPA-Managers and iBroker Partners are, considering the rapid development of the financial industry. For such a large-scale transformation, we have used our considerable theoretical and practical experience to build the most advanced model of cooperation that meets the up-to-date international standards.

As you know, to rest on laurels is not our principle. We are constantly moving on. Moreover, in the short term, we plan to make lots of discoveries that will form the basis for our new products and services. The intellectual, scientific and technological potential of the Company is involved to expand further the opportunities of iBroker Partners as well as to create unique investment products and to improve the web platform for investment.

Dear Partners and Customers! Due to the global transformations of our structure and taking into account the scope of these changes, please inform us about your experience of using new services in order to improve their functioning. The Company plans to update the corresponding functional, considering your suggestions on a weekly basis. We rely on your understanding and support. Only by combining our efforts in order to succeed, we can reach new record heights!


Return of Margin Requirements to Normal Values

On June 23, 2016 the UK held a referendum on whether to leave or remain in the European Union. As we expected, this event weakened significantly the liquidity of a number of financial instruments and caused abnormal increase in the market volatility, which in its turn, could have caused uncontrolled loss in the Customers’ accounts.

Currently, the risk of a gap situation emergence in the market is no longer critical to ensure regular trading conditions of UBK Markets Company. Therefore, since July 4, 2016 the margin requirements have returned to their normal values following trading platforms of liquidity providers.


Simcord Innovation Technologies 2017

We are approaching the 7th anniversary celebration of the commercial launch of UBK Markets Company. By tradition we hold the events annually in September. At these events we inform our Customers and Partners about the results of our activity, as well as announce new developments and plans for the future. Each event is unique.

This year, celebration of the 7th anniversary will take place within the framework of conference Simcord Innovation Technologies 2017, which will be held on September 9 in Sochi City, one of the world’s picturesque resorts.

We invite everybody to this Event, who is eager to follow modern trends in the development of financial industry. The participants of the conference will obtain comprehensive answers to all their questions from key officials and the Company executives.

The opportunity to take part in the conference Simcord Innovation Technologies 2017 is limited, and those who will manage to purchase tickets can visit this event.

You can find out more about the Event and get a discount while purchasing the tickets visiting the website

You can also contact us for advice by Email:


Information on Possible Changes in the Financial Market

On June 23, 2016 the UK will hold a referendum on whether to leave or remain in the European Union.

This event may cause an increase in the market volatility and may weaken the liquidity of a number of financial instruments, which in its turn can cause spread widening and emergence of a gap situation.

In this regard, to avoid forced closure of positions in case of insufficient funds, in the period from 20 to 27 June 2016 we recommend our Customers to adjust their total open position in their trading accounts in order to comply with the essential margin requirements for the leverage up to 1:10 or add additional funds to maintain the account balance.

Starting from June 27, 2016 all margin requirements are expected to return to normal values. However, in case the situation in the financial market does not stabilize after the referendum in the UK, trade restrictions may be extended.


How to Get Access to the Financial Instruments in the iPAMM-Manager Account after the Launch of an Updated UBK Markets Website

The desire of the Company to provide its Customers with the most profitable conditions of cooperation keeping up the principles of absolute loyalty and openness is a natural integral part of UBK Markets development. Thus, developing new products and improving the existing ones, at the same time we update the website ergonomics which concept involves universal solutions that are fully consistent with these principles.

One of these solutions is related to intelligence system of automated risk management intended for future iPAMM-Manager accounts. With the launch of the system, which will be held simultaneously with the launch of an updated website, additional accounts Processed will be automatically created for iPAMM-Managers on each currency pair. The advantage of such accounts is that iPAMM-Managers’ trading orders are processed with the intelligence system of automated risk management, which gives them additional stability. In addition, trading performance of an iPAMM-Manager in the Processed accounts can be significantly better than the performance of an iPAMM-Manager in Original accounts to which additional algorithms of risk management have not been applied. Therefore, the Processed accounts handled by iPAMM system will attract more iPAMM-Investors and can serve as the main source of iPAMM-Managers’ income. Additional accounts will increase significantly opportunities for iPAMM-Investors while forming the Investment Portfolios. This, in its turn, will help iPAMM-Managers to increase their income, as Processed accounts will get popularity among all participants of the world financial market.

When an updated site is launched, opening an iPAMM-Manager account every UBK Markets Customer will get an opportunity to trade with only one currency pair - EUR/USD. Trading performance on this currency pair will be published in the iPAMM-Manager Ranking for both standard account (Original) and additional account (Processed) of iPAMM-Manager. Those iPAMM-Managers who want to use more financial instruments in their trading can activate them making a fee of $350 for each additional currency pair. Therefore, the intelligence system of automated risk management will be applied to those currency pairs which are actively involved by iPAMM-Manager in his/her trading. The publication of trading performance on each additional currency pair in the iPAMM-Manager Ranking will arise iPAMM-Investors’ interest and increase opportunities for an iPAMM-Manager account to be selected and included into the Investment Portfolio, thereby promoting an increase in investments both in Original and Processed accounts.

These changes will concern only those iPAMM-Managers who will start using services of the Company after the launch of an updated site. Those who already trade in the iPAMM-Manager account or are currently taking the iPAMM-Manager Test will have access to the intelligence system of automated risk management on 18 currency pairs. Trading performance of these iPAMM-Managers will be published in the ranking on all 18 financial instruments that will give iPAMM-Investors access to a large number of Processed accounts, which the iPAMM system handles, in order to create diversified portfolios with a high level of profitability and stability.

We are firmly convinced that this innovation will positively help our Customers to choose the conditions of cooperation with the Company and will contribute to a stable increase in profit received by both iPAMM-Managers and iPAMM-Investors.