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iPro Marketplace Trading and Analytical Platform Features

iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform was created by a large team of talented developers with particular experience in the financial markets. As a result, iPro Marketplace is not only reached its perfection in the technical implementation, but also has a number of innovative solutions that will greatly facilitate your work.

Our company pays great attention even to the smallest details of the products produced. However, from our point of view, it is their outward appearance that forms the first and most powerful impression which is determinative for a lot of people. That is why we have devoted stacks of time to iPro Marketplace visual component. Our specialists have created dozens of sketches and layouts, spent hundreds of hours discussing how to make extremely user-friendly and intuitive software. We take a great pride in the way iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform looks and feels.

iPro MarketplaceOutward appearance of iPro Marketplace user interface absolutely reflects our vision of utter comfort when working with the software. It is elegant, but simple enough not to distract too much of your attention. The elements of the interface and the ability to change the colors do not overstrain your eyes and allow you to always stay focused regardless of how many hours straight you had to spend working in iPro Marketplace.

Ergonomic breakdown of the software functional elements has allowed us to significantly expand the workspace and make frequent use of the tools and functions more convenient. Now they will always be "at your fingertips".

No matter how perfect the visual appearance and usability of iPro Marketplace may be, we clearly understand that its quality and reliability are really important to our customers. Therefore, we release only the product that does meet the highest international technical standards.

iPro MarketplaceOur trading and analytical platform for Forex trading was developed to keep pace with the rapidly evolving computer technologies for over the next few years. The resources invested into our project have already provided us enduring leadership in the fast-changing world of information technology.

We have provided surefire safe-keeping and integrity of our customers data by implementing the server-side software with the help of cloud technologies and modern IT industry giants, such as Microsoft and Google.

We have always been excited about a huge community of independent developers designing indicators and tools for market analysis. Aiming to facilitate the development of this upcoming industry’s trend, we have added an e-shop, iPro Store within our software. With its help, our talented algorithm creators will be able not only to bring their product to a wide audience, but also to sell it.

iPro MarketplaceWe have also added another exclusive feature to iPro Marketplace tailored to the experienced traders’ needs. Now they can build their own trading strategies on the basis of C# programming language. Moreover, we have implemented a number of technical solutions that enable our customers to carry out a comprehensive analysis, testing and optimization of trading strategies created by them based on mathematical algorithms optimized specially for these tasks.

We aim to provide the most comfortable environment for your financial market operations. At the pace of modern life this aspiration was turned to reality with the mobile applications of iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Now you will be able to stay tuned to price movements of financial instruments and to carry out any type of trading strategies.

iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform is the most significant step forward during the entire global financial industry’s existence.