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Forex Trading with Conceptually New Software!

UBK Markets offers iPro Marketplace, its own unique trading and analytical platform that has no equals. It implements all cutting-edge achievements in software and user interface development. With its technical superiority and accumulated knowledge along with an understanding of key aspects of exchange trading, the Company gives its customers advanced and human-engineered interface where the entire potential of the financial markets can be used.

The iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform stays in line with all modern standards and the requirements of ISO/IEC 12207:2008. We have succeeded in achieving something that previous-generation platforms were unable to achieve. This is a creation of new graphic user interface and a set of fundamentally new operational characteristics which not only increase the usability of the facilities offered, but also considerably simplify the work under today’s trading conditions in the global financial markets. The iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform is easy-to-use and enables users with the minimum trading skills not only to become accustomed to the new workspace quickly, but also to get familiar with a new type of activity. Due to a number of special functionalities, traders will be able to improve the results of their work considerably.