iPro Marketplace Trading and Analytical Platform Setting
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Getting Started. iPro Marketplace Settings

By clicking “Settings” in the top left window corner of iPro Marketplace, you will open the program settings section.

In the UI settings dialog box of iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform you can choose the colour scheme by clicking on the desired graphic icon and specifying color combination in the chart.

By checking the boxes in the “Sound Settings” section you can set events or conditions under which the alert will trigger. By checking the “Disable all” box, you will turn off all sounds.

You can also select iPro Marketplace interface language from the list of available languages displayed in the dropdown menu.

To save all your changes for the settings to take effect, you must click "Apply" and, perhaps, you will also need to restart iPro Marketplace.

By clicking “Settings by default”, you will reset all settings to defaults.

You can click the "Cancel" button to discard your changes.